Vedant Singh – IIM Bangalore

I’m Vedant Singh, and I’m a second-year undergraduate in the Engineering Physics department. My hometown is Bhopal, MP. I was able to land an intern at IIMB, and I’ll be sharing my journey with you.

I started looking for a Research internship opportunity at the beginning of March. I know it was kinda late to start scanning for foreign Universities but I had to begin sometime; better late than never. Looking up the faculty of the top Business Schools and Universities in the world, and mailing around 10-20 professors daily became my routine. I realised soon enough that contacting foreign professors was an exercise in futility, as most of them reverted with denial, the primary reason being the pandemic. So I switched my focus to IIMs and ISBs. It was cumbersome, taking about a month to find an opening, and another two weeks of slow replies, until I finally got a Digital Marketing intern.

Yes, I’m an EP student, and non-core is pretty rare in our branch, but physics is more of a hobby to me. My passion is to work for the environment and fight climate change. I should have given you a heads up for cliche content. So I figured the best way to deal with it is to create a solution.

Hence, I am a start-up enthusiast, looking to gain knowledge and experience in every field related to it. So I was very excited to pursue an internship with profiles like finance, marketing or entrepreneurship. 

My cover letter played a significant role in my selection procedure. I took a few days to prepare it and review it with seniors. After being shortlisted, I had to give a skill test for selection. And while I didn’t specifically prepare for the test, I had backed myself up by doing a few courses from Coursera on Digital Marketing before applying.. It was more of an ‘if you know, you know’ kind of a test. 

Let’s jump to my work – basically, I was working with a bunch of co-interns to increase traffic on a webpage. We had to expand its reach via different ways like Social media campaigns, content creation, SEO, keywords, backlinks, handling analytics, landing page optimisation etc. etc. Sounds dull, but it was exciting to see how insights fluctuated with small experiments with different features. Also, the prof had laid out some nice incentives at every milestone, so it was fun competing for them.

As I mentioned, all of my work was online, so I can’t imagine how different it would have been in case if it wasn’t WFH. Either way, it would have been me sitting in front of my PC all day analysing the website. Only difference possible is that I would have worked more actively, rather than lying on my bed and pushing work till the deadline. Also, I would have gotten to interact with my co-interns in a much better way…

This intern is much more than anything I could have hoped for, given the scenario and I got to learn a lot of stuff that could definitely help me with my goals. That’s the takeaway, and I’m thankful for it. 

For the fellow juniors… ‘apping’ is a gruelling task; I’m not trying to scare you or something, but you need to be mentally prepared for it. You may be extremely lucky and get a positive reply within the first few emails or (you know what’s coming so I’d rather not say it). The key is consistency, to have faith and keep on trying. Stay Safe and HOPE THAT THE CAMPUS REOPENS SOON…

6 months ago