Tower Research Capital – Rishabh Agarwal


How did you find out about this intern?
As my 5th semester started, I was in a hurry to get a good internship. After talking to some seniors about their internship experiences, and reading the Insight’s summer blog, I decided to apply for only a few companies, one of which was Tower Research Capital.

Why were you enthu to pursue this intern?
One of my friends interned in a HFT startup during his second year summer and was always super excited to narrate his amazing experience of working in a HFT firm. This along with my interest in algorithms & machine learning, inclined me towards working in a HFT firm. Other petty (but quite motivating :P) reason to apply for an internship at TRC was because of its unmatched perks which I am currently enjoying a lot.

Can you describe the interview / selection process?
The selection procedure for TRC was straightforward: Firstly, there was a
resume (read: CPI) based shortlisting of candidates (~5-6). This was followed by a ~45 minutes phone interview for the shortlisted candidates involving questions ranging from Data Structure & Algorithms (DSA) to Probability & Statistics and even a few mathematical puzzles too. There was a brief discussion about my previous summer intern too.

How did you prepare for the intern (if at all you did)?
Although being advised to prepare for DSA during summers before the 5th semester, I procrastinated till the interview and just solved these questions to know more about the interview. Surprisingly enough, I fared quite well in the interview and got the internship offer just 2 hours after the interview. All’s Well That Ends Well!

During Intern

First Impressions
This time, TRC has taken a total of 12 interns including me from various IITs and IIIT-H. Each of them is assigned to a different team and I am currently working in the Limestone trading team at Tower.

In the few weeks I have worked at TRC, I have observed that people mostly remain glued to their computer screen and put in around 10 hours of work day-in and day-out. People do take long lunch or snacks breaks during which they show off their amazing Foosball skills. Also, you can be quite amused by the super interesting random discussions which happen during these breaks. Most of the people around you are extremely smart and are almost exclusively IITians.

What kind of work have you been allocated?
The work allotted to me is essentially identifying and exploiting useful patterns derived from data though I can’t go into much details because of confidentiality issues. I find the work to be quite stimulating but somewhat difficult too!

Accommodation / travel / food?
Tower has provided us accommodation in luxurious Gazebo Residency during the
whole period of the internship.


Tower has also hired a deluxe cab service which we use for travelling during the weekdays. All meals are served at the office cafeteria. In addition to this, you are allowed to spend ₹3k daily for food which is reimbursed at the end of the month! Funnily enough, your reimbursement for food can be greater than your monthly stipend.

Travelling around the place, interesting places to see
Since you spend most of your time at air-conditioned places, you will remain unaware of the unbearable heat here, which you have heard about. With an intern at Tower, you can be sure of exploring all the premier restaurants in Gurugram.

Your weekends will be even more fun because of the free tickets provided by Tower to plays / events including Kingdom of Dreams, Mystery room, Bowling outings, Movies, Ice skating, Stand-up comedy shows etc.

During this intern, I have made some new friends and it is much more fun than I expected it to be. This intern also gave me a glimpse of what would working at a job after your graduation may be like. If you are interested in HFT(💰), then you should definitely consider Tower as a very good option.

3 years ago