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Interview and selection procedure:

As everyone was on the hunt for an intern, so was I, sailing with the flow and signing all the core interns coming my way! It was only the second core company and I was already anxious to have an offer in my hand. Though I was not particularly interested in the company, I still went to give the interview thanks to my IC friend. Mine was the last interview and the HR was already sleepy, yawning as the interview progressed. It was only 5 minutes into the interview and they asked me, “Do you have any questions for us?” That was supposed to be the last line of the interview. Being very stupid, I asked, “Sir, what is the matter that the interview was just of 5 minutes?” My stupidity actually worked, the interview went on for 30 minutes more and I got selected.

The Internship:

The place of posting is Jamshedpur, not a very attractive place to be in but Kolkata is near so I was hopeful. The journey began 7 hours late than it was supposed to be. The specialty of special trains! Coping up with all the discomforts, we reached the accommodation provided by Tata. It is a little smaller than hostel 15 and the wings being tantamount to H12, 13, 14. It was only when 5 day long formalities ended when we got the opportunity to get into the plant. An engineer can describe it to be the bucolic place of the city. A humongous plant covering almost one-third of the city or even more. I work for 5 days a week from 9 to 5 (5 days a week is a rarity in any plant). The project is a real life problem dealing with supply chain and technical aspects of scaffolding which gave me an immense amount of freedom to explore anything and everything I could. I get to apply my industrial engineering concepts, some of the solid mechanics and looking forward to building an app that can solve the issues. The guide has not been very persuasive with the work and I had to drive myself in the initial phases to get going with it. The good part is that I have been allotted three people from three different hierarchy with whom I can consult but it is sometimes difficult to find them free. Though other interns shall be equivocal with what I said as it is highly subjective depending on the guide which you get. Some managers are haughty while others are very friendly. The atmosphere of the plant is quite heart pounding for an engineer as you would be able to witness a hell lot of processes happening physically and get to do a lot of site visits (The sun might hinder your enthusiasm here. I, despite being extremely frugal went on to buy a cooler can intimate about the intensity of the heat here). The principles of Tata industries are very high and they always keep safety as their prime objective. They always keep customers at the first place. It is good to hear all this as being scrupulous you like to have that kind of atmosphere around you.


But, TATA does not have anything luring to offer (except the day-1 goodies which we got). The accommodation is very mediocre (for the next year’s interns, do carry an insect repellent spray to get a good night’s sleep), there is no internet facility in the hostel but can get it in the plant by putting some efforts (sometimes a lot of efforts actually). The project allocation is random, which is obviously not the best way to go about it (It does not mean, I’m not happy with mine). The proceedings are quite slow related to the project though it can be fast tracked by the intern’s efforts. The learning aspect is not commensurate with two months’ time but one does get a very detailed exposure to manufacturing (I had a central resource project so I got to see a lot of plants and processes, lucky me!).


The city had a lot more to offer than what I had expected (though the nightlife was missing as expected). The first few weekends have been a fun-filled time full of trips around the city. There are a lot of interns from different colleges offering opportunities to make new friends. In no time, we were a group of 10 roaming around the city not spending parsimoniously relying on split wise to do all the tough things for us. The city has good places to visit. Dimna Lake would be the must visit place according to me. The heavy soothing breeze flowing over the lake and providing the much-needed relief in the hot weather is just what you might be looking for. There are a lot of parks but Jubilee Park cum amusement park is a good place to be in. Can think of it as a family place to visit in the future if interested to crack a PPO. Other places which we explored are Hudco Lake, Empire Circus, some good food places and counting…


The sports culture here galvanizes you to play something or another. I was no different. The JRD Sports Complex here consists of all the facilities. There have been Asian and Commonwealth Games medalists from the sports complex which gets the adrenaline flowing through the body. The exhausting day always ends with one sport or the other.

One paragraph for food ought to be there! We have lunch in the plant costing just Rs 5.50 (so that I can save to explore food places on weekend). The mess food in the hostel is again cheap but monotonous (again saving for the weekend!). There is no Zomato here so relied on Google reviews. If missing Mumbai very much, there is KFC and Dominos here. To have detailed insight on the local ones, refer to our Google reviews (you’re welcome).


Summarising , the internship has been a good, if not the best experience. For the ones interested in machines (quoting Rancho here) it will be an unmatchable experience (if you strive for it) to see manufacturing happening at such a huge scale (10th biggest steel plant in the world).


3 years ago