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Strategy& is one of the three consulting firms which come to IIT Bombay for the internship season. I got to know about “Strategy&” from one of my seniors and from whatever understanding I had, I probably knew that “Consulting” is what I want to do. 

Just like any other student who had just finished his/her 2nd year in college, I was clueless about what I wanted to do in life. All I knew was that I want to take up some non-core internship. It was either some finance internship or some consulting internship, and from discussions and some secondary research, I narrowed it down to Consulting.

Towards the end of my ’18 summers, I started preparing by watching “Victor Cheng” videos which are directly available online, further, I started doing case prep with a bunch of people who were aiming for a consulting internship as well, and another close friend of mine who was willing to help me out of the way. Consulting, to me, always felt like something I would want to do after college, it involves a lot of thinking, understanding scenarios, running on actual data from the stakeholders, and forming a hypothesis around the same.

Based on my understanding, the interview process is relatively similar across different firms (in this case- Strategy&, LEK, and Parthenon EY). The number of rounds of interviews may vary based on the firm and your performance in each round. In every round, you are expected to solve either a case interview or a guesstimate problem, followed by the general HR related questions. Each round can be something like a screening process, so you need to perform well in every single one of them.

During Intern

At Strategy& I was put on an on-going project, the initial two weeks, I tried to get a sense around the project, the key-tasks, and how Strategy& functions concerning those. The general briefing was followed by information on the project, the timeline of initiatives & sub-initiatives, and the intended outcome at the end of my 9-week internship. I took some time to get in sync with the as-is scenario and the work which was expected out of me as an intern. Majorly my work there revolved around, doing the relevant analysis on the data we received from the internal stakeholders, forming hypotheses after internal discussions and laying out the critical points on a deck (“powerpoint presentation”). My part of the project, always kept me on my toes, it pro-actively pushed me to think outside the box, come up with different models/solutions to the problem being addressed and running analysis on the same to get some sense out of the data. My team and I collectively finished a total of 3-4 sub-initiatives of a very large project. Regular feedback on my deliverables helped me improve my excel skills, deck making skills, and general consulting skills exponentially. 

Apart from the general work, we often used to go out for meals and even for activities such as bowling, go-karting, laser tag, etc. The best part about working at Strategy& is the “people” that work here. Everyone here is very kind and loving, they are always willing to help you, guide you, and you never feel out of place.  Despite a competitive environment in most consulting firms, strategy& team still feels a lot like a family with a healthy mixture of work and competition. 

Despite some significant personal issues that I was having, my managers always tried to make sure that I was in the right state of mind and that I didn’t let any of them affect my work or my experience here at Strategy&. 

Overall, it was one of the best experiences that anyone could ever have. It was a phase full of emotions, and I guess I was lucky enough to be with the right set of people, who helped me get through a very tough time and made this phase a memorable one. 

<3 Strategy&

Raghav Goyal

IIT Bombay


1 year ago