Shriraj Ambokar – TVF

Cult Karo but Resume ke Liye, this has been and is a general outlook in the institute. But somewhere down the line, Cult (Script Writing, Song Writing, Rap, Directing & Editing) has always been more than a resume point for me. Freshiezza is where the seed was sown, and my current internship at The Viral Fever is where it seems to be taking some shape.

Hello everyone, My name is Shriraj G. Ambokar (Civil Engineering, 4th Year Student). I will share some of my experiences with you, and I hope it helps you in the best way possible.

Let me start with the core thing. Selection for a particular role needs some base that is relevant to that role. This base needs time to develop, but early efforts matter a lot. You may not be great at a particular thing, but you can end up being one if you start early and be consistent.

My journey took an exciting turn at Freshiezza. Before, I used to blabber around, but Freshiezza was my first serious shot at performance. I had somewhat backed myself to perform and ended up winning a few competitions. People say that a stage can cause fear even in the bravest, and it was true for me, and I am that “decentish” when it comes to bravery. But at times, you have to take the bull by its horn.

Success at Freshiezza taught me two things. First, IIT B does provide an incredible avenue to excel at anything (including Cult) if you have the hunger. And second, improvement is a lifelong process. So you have to practice every day.  I did attend workshops, but my real guru is the internet. It surprises me even today the number of things you can learn via the internet for free. With this in mind, I worked on improving my scriptwriting, songwriting, and editing.

I was learning new things, participating in institute events, and even started an Instagram channel. With success and a lot of failures (they too teach a lot, I know it is a cliché, but cliché exists for a reason), I was able to keep on improving. These acquired skillsets proved quite beneficial in my TVF interview.

I was not a big fan of theory, but to my surprise, developing a robust structure based on a theoretical context is crucial. From writing songs to creating new scripts, a system based on theory can do wonders. “So Junta, yaha bhi theory in-depth mein samjho (rato nahi)”

TVF’s interview was my first serious interview. It was majorly focused on TVF’s work but what they were keen to know was my attention to detail and the robust reasoning to any point of view I shared. I was able to crack it by doing two key things. One was in-depth research specific to TVF and continuous learning & implementation. Theory + Practical is very vital when to comes to the content creation scene. An idea may look fantabulous in your head, but the actual product may end up being something else (good or worse) due to certain transmission losses. These losses reduce as you go on with the learning + implementing cycle.

The work at TVF is a great learning experience. The jamming, debate, and sharing of experiences and viewpoints have boosted my capabilities and widened my approach towards content creation. The most important thing that I am learning here is the “professional way of doing things.” The biggest learning being, exam ke ek din pehle padh ke number la sakte ho but professional working environment mein number (bilkul) nahi la sakte ho.

To everyone out there, I would like to end by saying, find what you like, train more to improve what you like and when the opportunity comes, grab it with whatever you got. Best of Luck. Be Safe & Take Care.

5 months ago