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Hii! I am Rishabh Sharaff, a fourth year undergraduate in the department of Civil Engineering. I come from Raipur and I spent my 1st year exploring IITB Culturals, especially singing, theatre(PAF, and PAF God hota hai🙏), and dance. I am the General Secretary of Civil Engineering department but I don’t have an answer to ‘Core me kya scope hai’. (Pata chale to let me know :p))

Recently I interned at JSW Steel, so let’s dive deep in the internship carnival 🙃

If you are confused about which sector to target in the internship season and just randomly apply to whatever opportunity you may get.

There’s nothing wrong with this approach. 2 years of insti life is not enough for most of us to narrow down our choices, and I was one of them. 

Well, let us talk about my journey before the start of the intern season. After multiple rounds of apping in the second year summer, I secured a research internship in IIM Ahmedabad, only to realise after a month of work that the professor stopped replying, boom :/

It was sad, but I did another round of apping, secured another intern in a promising startup, only to realise two weeks later that my offer got revoked, the second boom.

So I experienced the joy of successfully getting an internship through apping, and the sorrow and sadness of getting rejected.

“Every failure is one step up the ladder, for you to show the world from a greater height ”, quoting myself :p

This is the mantra I believe in, and it always keeps me motivated during times of failure.

So let us jump straight to the intern season now- 

July’20- With whatever points I had, I managed to make a decent resume. Remember, a resume is your impression on the recruiter; give it enough time, get it reviewed by many seniors because that is what will get you shortlisted.

September’20- By September, I got a good number of shortlistings, but my interview preparation was not good enough for me to crack the offers. I started preparing late for the interviews and would strongly advise you all to start earlier.

October’20- It’s okay to make mistakes but not OK to keep on repeating them. I improved upon myself, prepared my resume thoroughly, did mock interviews, and talked to previous year’s interns.

I was confident this time. I was one of the three candidates shortlisted after the first round of interviews amongst 40 people in Apex Analytics. But I could not succeed through the final one.

Then came JSW, GD round went well. The interview also went very smoothly. My first question was ‘Why did I choose IIT Bombay’. The answer came so genuinely from within that I could gauge the interest in the interviewer’s eyes.

There were 3-4 questions based on my resume followed by my question to the interviewer. It’s very important to ask the right question to the interviewer. Keep some questions ready with you and mold your question based on the interview.

My question to the interviewer helped me establish a good connection with him. 

These are small things, but they do make a significant impact.

JSW Steel sounds as if it is a core intern, right? 

No, I suppose you might be wrong. My profile is supply chain management, and I am working on the digitalization of the stockyard management to improve the efficiency & productivity of JSW’s logistics. 

JSW hires around 30 students across different IITs. The interns get an option to choose a project of their choice from a total of approximately 20 projects in the supply chain, logistics, sales and marketing, sustainability, core(for metallurgy and chemical) etc. It is flexible in terms of the sector you want to work in, independent of your stream.

Work experience in JSW: Work is pretty chill in WFH mode. No one pushes you to work. But if you want to do justice to your internship and learn something through this internship, you will have to put in the effort from your side. In terms of learning, the experience is good but again varies highly from project to project. 

Intern in JSW is more like a consulting project to their senior management, unlike most internships where you have to build something on your own, here you aren’t asked to create a solution. Rather the focus is on out of the box ideas which can improve their business significantly. Interns are allotted a buddy and a mentor to work with.

In JSW, interns are expected to do extensive research in their projects and put their recommendations before the senior management. If the management finds something really good in your recommendations, it goes up to the CEO and it is taken very positively.

Cons of working in JSW: As I said above, an internship in JSW is different as you don’t have to build anything; rather put recommendations before the panel. So you may feel a lack of hands-on exposure to any software or tool. But you have the liberty to create something out of the box depending upon your interest and the project.

Pros: JSW being the fastest growing steel company, you get to learn how traditional Indian companies function :p. Technology use is less in the company, there is an over-dependence on manual operations, and there are ample opportunities for an intern to develop something cool.

Final Tips: Start preparing if you haven’t already. It is very important to be very thorough with every point written in your resume. If you don’t have many points, it’s alright, just don’t bluff anything in your resume, you will get caught quickly, and the cycle of rejection will then follow.

Don’t just run behind the stipend. It does matter but put your interest above it. Developing an edge in what you like through internships will pay you back during placements, rather than getting paid for what you don’t enjoy.

Don’t get disappointed if you get rejected. Many times you would not get the offer even when you felt you were almost there. But remember, only a bunch of SO MANY companies in the world come to hire through PT cell. If you couldn’t secure an internship through PT cell, it’s not the end of the world. You will sail through if you keep working. 

Take a break if you need a little chill pill, but don’t stop. Talk to seniors, identify your shortcomings, improve upon them, and you will find out something.

Internship season is stressful and at times you would find yourself stressed out, but trust yourself, interact with your friends regularly, spend time with family, do something you like and keep yourself happy. 

Good luck and best wishes from my side.

If there’s anything you would like to discuss, feel free to reach out to me

5 months ago