Siemens, Bangalore – Pulkit Gupta

At first when I got to know that there were only 2 people from IIT Bombay interning in Siemens, I was a bit disappointed. The other person belonging to a different department aggravated my condition. But then the idea of having many people from my department in Bangalore cheered me up. I knew that it was going to be fun.

Things changed, however, when I reached Bangalore. Siemens had arranged one-week accommodation for the interns in their hotel/guest house with office to and fro service. During this one week, we were supposed to find a permanent accommodation for ourselves. The guest-house was the best part. The girls and boys both were in the same guest-house. 😉

As it turned out, we all got to know each other so well that the very second day, a room was
crowded with all the interns with mafia on the move! It was so much fun! The hotel manager had to beg us to lower our voices! 😛

The internship project that was assigned to me was interesting. I had actually been involved in a project which my mentor was working on. My project was ‘Audio Recognition from a Video
Surveillance Camera’. Siemens was planning to deploy video cameras that could generate alarms in event of robbery, riots, etc. It concentrated on speech signal analysis and identifying events-robbery, etc. against different background noises. The first few weeks were spent in reading research papers and other stuff they gave me. It wasn’t as boring as I had presumed. In fact, I got to know some of
the very interesting techniques that are currently in use and the fact that I would be working on one of them was a deep motivating factor. The mentors were very good and the environment as a whole was conducive to R&D. The employees were fun to chat with! There was a lot of interdisciplinary work going on. We used visit to labs that researched in optics, biomedical imaging, IT, etc. It was a great experience!

Regarding the work hours, they weren’t fixed. However, my mentor used to keep track of my progress via meetings. Sat and Sun are holidays and thus we made maximum use of them. 😛 We visited Ooty, Mysore, explored Bangalore, did a lot of shopping, played Laser-Tag, Bowled, and what not!

In the campus, there are facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports and a gym. We used to play carom, TT, volleyball and sometimes, cricket. There were regular matches against different departments (like Corporate Technologies, Human Resource, etc.) and cheering for our department was something I really miss!

In the 1st week of June, when all interns had arrived, we were formally introduced. A competition was then announced called the Siemens Intern Tech Challenge, for which interns were clubbed into 
groups and topics were assigned to each. It was a poster presentation competition, wherein we had to present our research/work/idea in a creative manner. Siemens had arranged for all the stationary needed and also provided us with T-Shirts to be worn on the day of the event. 😀

The topics allotted were such that they demanded inter-disciplinary work and thus were a great learning experience. Our group won the Audience’s Most Popular Project Award and stood 2 nd overall. We were given prizes and Garuda Mall coupons, which could be redeemed at any store in the mall! A cake cutting ceremony for all interns was organised upon the completion of the Tech Challenge and thereafter we performed chicken dance! Even the Head of Siemens India, Mukul Saxena, joined us! That was undoubtedly one of best moments of the internship!

In nut-shell, the internship was just perfect-an exciting mix of research work and fun! 😀

8 years ago
  1. Alok Bhoi I am not quite sure about the application procedure. Siemens may have some linkages with certain colleges. You may check out their website for more information.

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