NoBroker – Ujjwal Kumar

Let me start with a quick short introduction of myself; I am Ujjwal Kumar, B.Tech undergraduate student of Civil Engineering.…

2 years ago

Airbus – Sakshi Dayal

Ever heard of dreams coming true? Well, it was one such for me. I applied for an internship at Airbus,…

2 years ago

MIT – Preey Shah

It’s a warm, sunny day outside and on the street below my room, students are partying in the Cambridge Dance…

2 years ago

LEK – Naman Goyal

Hello all, this is Naman Goyal, completed 3 years of study in the Chemical Engineering Department. As I take some…

2 years ago

CME Group – Navoj Ramesh

Stuck in Bangalore traffic one fine morning, I start penning down this article as my office cab crawls helplessly through…

2 years ago

Piramal – Ankit Neema

About me Hello everyone! I am Ankit and I have just completed my 3rd year of chemical engineering. I am…

2 years ago

UC Berkeley – Shubham Gupta

Honk Honk! Driver: Are you okay? Me: Yeah, yeah, I’m good. Driver: This is the last stop. Me: Oh shoot!…

2 years ago
The Yogurt Bar in Office

Epigamia – Shreyansh Mehta

Hey, I am Shreyansh Mehta, 3rd year Undergrad Student from Civil Engineering department and I did my summer internship at…

3 years ago
Main Quad, Serra Mall at Stanford University

Stanford – Balreen Saini

The beginning Well in the beginning of the internship season I was told that not many big Materials Science Companies…

3 years ago
View from my office ft. interminable drizzle

ETH Zurich – Toshi Parmar

This is for the utterly average, and the mostly mediocre. (If you don’t place yourself there, but are just looking…

3 years ago
The office building

Godrej – Saman Siddiqui

For a very long time, I was waiting for ‘Passion’ to show up and make my career choice for me.…

3 years ago
TI India, Bangalore

Texas Instruments – Virul Katla

Hello everyone! I am interning at Texas Instruments (TI) India. TI was the first global technological company to establish R&D…

3 years ago
Avengers Infinity War Success Party at St Regis, Mumbai

Disney – Achyut Keshav

To be honest, being from Civil Engineering with a less than 8 CPI and no background in coding or analytics…

3 years ago
Intern at Boing - Karthik Mahesh

Boeing – Karthik Mahesh

“If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going!”. That old phrase among aviation geeks could also pretty much sum up my…

3 years ago
TIFR : The Main Building

TIFR – Sukanya Kudva

Amidst a raucous crowd of an overwhelmingly packed compartment of a local train, I can’t help marvelling at how I…

3 years ago
Internship at Deloitte

Deloitte – Aniket Hirde

Introduction: Consultancy has been a craze these days in the institute. Considering the exposure across different sectors and soft skills…

3 years ago