Oxford Brookes University – Rishikesh Thakre

Intern Diaries : Oxford Brookes University- Rishikesh Vijay Thakre

As every 3rd year student does, I was also preparing for my summer internships. I tried hard to get selected in many companies and universities but still didn’t get an internship till February 2017. In the first week of March, when I was finally selected as a Visiting Student at Oxford Brookes University, I was very excited. The university is well known for its F-1 Racing team.

On 7th May 2017, the day I was to experience my first flight, I was thrilled. After an exciting journey, we finally landed at Heathrow International Airport in London. The first thing which caught my attention was the transportation system in UK, clean and comfortable. Everything was very systematically organized and properly executed, the trains, buses etc. and they moved very fast. After travelling for a few hours, we finally arrived at our hostels, where we were going to spend our next 2 months. We have a common kitchen where we make different delicious dishes every day and have a lot of fun.

Finally we visited our Oxford Brookes campus, where we were welcomed by the students and professors. I realized how good a reputation and respect IIT Bombay has in the world. My work place is about half an hour away from my hostels, so I catch a bus every day. The lab where I work had a workshop which looked like a showroom of Formula 1 Racing Car. Many students work on designing these cars every day. We interacted with the students, lab assistants and rest of the staff who gave us a quick rundown of the automobile sector, education system, culture in UK, etc.

My basic work is focused on Gear Design optimization.Our working hours are 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM officially but we have flexibility in our time of work. I am working with a PhD student, who is not only very polite & knowledgeable but also very easy to work with. I have a learnt a lot from him and have done some interesting work with him till now.

Apart from work, we are also having a lot of fun travelling to different places in UK. Here, I would like to mention 2 best trips of our UK visit. One of the trip was to London, a very beautiful place with many locations to enjoy. We managed to visit the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Madame Tussauds. From London Eye, we saw the sky view of London which was a delightful and memorable moment in my life. I had never witnessed this kind of scenic beauty my life before. We also interacted with many people in London who gave us insights on how the British people have preserved their Historical places and their culture.

As I was staying in Oxford, one of our supervisors arranged a small trip to The New College, Oxford University founded in 1379 by William of Wykeham. The full name of the college is The Warden and Scholars of St Mary’s College of Winchester in Oxford. Visiting this university was my dream since I had seen this place on screen in Harry Potter. We visited the libraries, prayer room, common room, professor rooms and lot of beautiful places on campus. The university in itself was like a small town. The supervisor also took us through its old history. We also got a chance to know about the education system at oxford. I was really surprised to know that in Oxford university only 8 students secure education in a particular engineering branch. The professors personally conduct tutorials, help sessions, revision sessions and look into progress of each student in person. With such a good supportive academic atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, passion toward to education is natural.

The culture is very good here at Oxford. Our trip ended but while returning I was taking back a huge treasure of knowledge & good memories with me. As I complete one month of my stay here, I hope to have more such interesting experiences and gain a lot of knowledge from this internship.

3 years ago