Mondelez – Priyesh Gupta

5 weeks, 4 cities and 3 production sites making billion-dollar brands including the much-loved OREO!

Hi, this is Priyesh, sharing my intern experience at Mondelez international which has been sweet and rewarding till now. Mondelez International is an American FMCG company and is one of the leading names in Snacking Industry. I work in the Integrated Supply Chain function at the Head Office of Mondelez India, which is located in Mumbai.

First things first

I came to know about the intern from the PT cell and due to my interests in Industrial Production and Supply Chain Management, it seemed to be a very good opportunity for me. An important point to note, Mondelez recruits only dual degree students and this time the internship opportunity was there only for students from the Electrical and Mechanical departments. Mondelez doesn’t hire interns from IITs very regularly and so there are a very few sources to get to know about the internship.

Unlike some other FMCG Companies, they won’t call a large number of students to attend their PPT :P.

Candidates are shortlisted by the company on the basis of Resume and then called for the PPT. For me, interview preparation was mainly doing a bit of homework and then attending the PPT right after which we had our Group Discussion round. We had a case study to be discussed which was closely related to the company’s profile. This was followed by interviews of further shortlisted candidates.

The interview mainly revolved around my interests in the industry, my resume and some discussion on my general approach towards different kinds of problems. Having a prior intern experience at Volvo, a lot of questions were asked about it and perhaps that gave me an edge over the others. If we talk about the academic courses, some electives of my specialization, Computer Integrated manufacturing, proved to be helpful. To be precise the integrated manufacturing part.

Onboarding experience

I was welcomed by my mentor, Business Development Lead of Mondelez and my Guide who is a BD Manager and also an IITM graduate. I realized I am the only technical trainee working at the HO and so initially I thought it might get hard for me to be engaged with people, which fortunately didn’t turn out to be true :D.

I was briefed about my project which falls in Biscuits segment of Mondelez and broadly includes:

  1. Capacity Mapping of existing as well as pipeline projects.
  2. Capital Expenditure of manufacturing facilities.

And, a lot of learning. Working with Mondelez so far has been a really great learning experience.

Apart from my project, I was also given some other day to day and weekly tasks as well during my visits to different manufacturing facilities. These made the experience more enriching and diverse.

A general perception that people have about Supply Chain management is that you work in an office and have to do supply modeling from there, which is a myth. Even I had the same opinion, something which changed drastically during my intern. You need to be well versed with each and every sub-step involved and that happens only when you spend hours on the shop floor and not in front of your laptop screen. This becomes significant in the later part though :P.

The work environment is quite informal or to be precise well balanced. Everyone here is easily approachable. I have worked very closely with CMOs and in fact, had many informal discussions with people working in finance and procurement functions as well. Working hours officially are 10 to 5 but are flexible and believe me I generally go to office early and leave late. Focus at Mondelez is more on delivering and driving things to completion.

The team I worked in during some trials


I have already traveled to Bangalore, Ludhiana, and Chandigarh, spending significant time at sites including:

  • Oreo manufacturing plant in Bangalore
  • Oreo and Bournvita Manufacturing plant in Ludhiana
  • Some product trials in Chandigarh

This was a surprise for me as I didn’t really expect to get such a wonderful opportunity to witness those trials and contribute to them.

And then the after party :D.

Stay & Food

The company pays attention to the comfort of its employees and has deals with almost all leading travel service providers and hotel chains so as to make all the travels very productive.

I always had a personal cab to travel to and fro from my hotels to plant sites.

We used to have buffet dinners mostly sitting for more than an hour and still discussing some important things as well as pulling each others’ legs :P, sharing experiences, talking Bollywood and what not.

PS: You won’t easily get chances to eat at Radisson, BBQ nation, Pirates of Grill, Social for 10 straight days at somebody else’s expense :P.

My stay during one of the trips.

Winding Up

6th week of my intern is about to end and the company has given me a lot –  professional network, experience, learning, and opportunities to deliver. It is a great firm to work with.

One common thing you’ll experience during an intern is that the starting period is more about learning things so that you can deliver things later which is really important. Mondelez is a very good firm to work with from both these perspectives, learning as well as delivering.

A couple of important things to keep in mind while applying for an intern, don’t do an intern just for the sake of doing it and maintain a good balance between your preferences/interests and opportunities. Do not feel demotivated if things don’t turn out the way you want them to at first.

Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck – Dalai Lama.

And sooner or later you will believe it.

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2 years ago