Microsoft Internship and Youth Exchange Program (China) – Rishika Gupta

Hey fellas,

I am Rishika Gupta, third-year student in the Chemical Department. If you are going further, you are going to read about one of the best summers of my academic life. In the first phase of summers, I interned at Microsoft India Development Center (MSIDC) and later I was selected to be a part of the Indian Youth Delegation to visit China for ten days. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Intern at Microsoft

I can’t really talk about specifics of my work at MS as it is confidential under the contract of my employment; instead, I will focus in general on the life I spent on the campus for 60 days and what is expected out of an intern at Microsoft.

Selection Procedure:

I interned at MSIDC, Hyderabad center during summers 2018 as well. Based on my intern work and report submitted, I was given a Pre- Internship Offer back then. Hence, I didn’t have to sit for any interview. I accepted the offer and once again joined as an intern.

Accommodation and Food:

Unlike many other tech giants, Microsoft provided us 3-star hotel accommodation for the entire duration of the internship, which included a to and fro transport facility from the hotel to the Microsoft campus. I used to do breakfast in the morning arranged by hotel management and then lunch in the office cafeteria which had a plethora of options from North and South Indian to Italian to Chinese. Apart from the cafeteria, pantries on every floor treat you well with juices, fresh fruits, cookies, and CCD coffees/teas. I generally used to pay a visit to these pantries more than five times a day. Interns were also provided with full reimbursement facility for to and return air travel from their home city to Hyderabad. 

Work atmosphere:

The work culture at MSIDC is terrific; it cannot get any closer to a college campus atmosphere that you can get to while working for an MNC. With the independence to set your deadlines and no timings, 24/7 open pantry, Xbox gaming stations, pool, TT and foosball tables, football fields and tennis lawns, volleyball, basketball and badminton courts, rest assured that you are not going to feel that you are working for a corporate. During our internship period, MSIDC also organised numerous outings and on-campus fests, both technical and cultural. I heard about Work-Life Balance at Microsoft many times before joining it. To my surprise, it is practiced even better than expectations. There are no working hours or entry-exit timings; employees also work from home if the need arises. The only thing that matters is the completion of projects within the expected deadlines and how you do it or when you do, it is totally up to you. Moreover, working at weekends or late hours is strictly discouraged. MSIDC does not believe in strict hierarchies and reaching out to anyone was just a matter of pinging them and walking into their cabin. The best part about Microsoft is that they treat all the interns as a part of their full-time family and are invited everywhere.

I was in the AzureDevOps team. My main agenda was to enhance the DevOps Project experience in the Azure portal. After a week of getting familiar with the technology stack and intimidating code base, the initial days of coding and figuring out the approach were indeed strenuous.

While implementing the feature, I learned to work on the enormously large codebase, tweaking responsibly so as not to hamper existing functionalities, covering unexpected edge cases that could result in a crash, thinking in the shoes of project maintainers/reviewers and understanding the impact created by the given feature. In the end, nothing can beat the feeling of completing the project and pushing it to production.

I had to fast-track my internship and complete the allotted project in 6 weeks because of the exchange program for which I had been selected. To meet this deadline, I had to put gruesome 14 hours a day sometimes and also work on the weekends. But, all this hard work bore fruit in the end.

I have received and accepted a pre-placement offer from Microsoft IDC as I found my team to be working on very exciting projects and plan on working with Microsoft. Microsoft is one of the tech giants to provide store-house of opportunities and a nurturing atmosphere. My heartfelt thanks to the HR team and my manager, mentor and friends for making this internship period so sublime.

Exchange Program:

We were a team of around 200 youth delegates from various parts of the country belonging to diverse backgrounds and fields. It consisted of a group of students from renowned institutes, associated with a technical background (IIT & NIT), law, commerce, medical (AIIMS), politics and social services such as NSS, NYKS, and RGNIYD nominated by heads of the respective institutes. It was organised by the Ministry Of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India in collaboration with the People’s Republic Of China.

 Our purpose was to exchange the cultural richness of our country, and we served as representatives of our nation. The tour focussed on showcasing to us, the cultural as well as developmental growth of China. Through the visit to various urban planning museums and ecological districts in Beijing and Dunhuang, we were made aware of the reason behind rapid infrastructural and commercial development. The students also visited universities to get a first-hand experience of the educational system and infrastructure in the country in Lanzhou. The exposure that I got and the things that I learned helped in broadening my horizons. I feel delighted to say that the friends that I made there would be ever-lasting.

Looking back on the summer of 2019 and reflecting on the memories I made, I feel that it was a very fulfilling experience in terms of improvement in my skill set, understanding varied cultures, making new friends and mostly rediscovering my passion for coding and my love for traditions.

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