Metropolitan Stock Exchange – Pranav Maheshwari

Hi, My name is Pranav Maheshwari and I am a sophomore pursuing Bachelor’s in Economics. 

I am interested in Finance and wanted to explore capital markets during summer and hence decided to apply to relevant internships through the Placement Cell. The profile MSE offered was that of Product Strategy and I was lucky enough to get shortlisted in MSE (at least I thought :P).

 Selection Procedure:

The selection procedure involved an assignment and then the students who were shortlisted people had interviews. My assignment was to give a write up on “Can fixed deposits be exchange traded?” Different people had different topics. The topics were mostly centered around different innovations in investment products. I got selected for the interview.

The interview revolved around asking me to explain my work in a previous internship, why I was interested in Finance and what they plan to do, and expectations from me during the internship. 

The results were declared on the same day and we were asked to join from 13th May. 

 First day:

We were made to sit in a conference room for some time. Then the “Ye sb documents fill karo” happened. Then the head HR came and talked about what they were trying to do in MSE and kind of projects they have for us. Then we were given a brief introduction by the technical head and the HR explained us workplace rules. I met my mentor 2 days later because he wasn’t coming to the office due to some commitments. So the first few days I just sat in front of the desktop reading different research papers on Capital Markets and news. That’s when I started regretting coming here. 

Note: We were not allowed to choose the projects we were supposed to work on. They were allotted to us. *Hume projects mile na ki projects ko hum.*

Workplace, Travel, and Accommodation:

The workplace is okay. Nothing fancy about it. It’s a regular boring corporate office. 

Formals are compulsory on Monday – Thursday and you can come in smart casuals on Fridays.

The cafeteria serves food 4 times and it’s very very cheap. You can get through the day (3 meals) under ₹120. And like all offices, they have free *chai* and coffee. The *chai* is as good as the one you get outside the main gate at 4 a.m. 

There’s one thing that might be a deal-breaker for you, considering this is a stock exchange and they have to take security related issues very seriously, so they don’t allow laptops inside unless you get permission from your mentor. You have to work on the desktop allotted to you which *sighs* have Windows 7 installed in them. You also cannot access a lot of recreational websites using MSE’s internet.

Also, these guys are very strict about timings and you are allowed to come late 3 times and leave early 2 times, after which they cut half day’s stipend. The work timings are from 9:00 to 17:30. 

We normally travel using an auto in the morning and come back in the locals during the evening but we’ve been commuting through auto both times due to rains.

I am staying inside insti so accommodation is not a problem.

My work:

As I am writing this, My first intern project is complete. 

My job was to prepare a report that:

1. Compares the capital market system that MSE plans to develop (They have been outsourcing everything so far) with various stock exchanges like NASDAQ, SGX and TSE. The report had to suggest features that were feasible in the Indian Market that MSE could implement so that it has a USP over NSE and BSE. 

 2. Check the feasibility of existing and suggested features as per the regulations by SEBI. 

While it might seem like a relatively small project to do in a period of 30 days, I had to read 12+ BRDs of MSE, understand and prepare a structure in my head and then read about systems and features in other stock exchanges and compare them. The project involved huge amounts of learning for me. I basically know how the capital market system works now. 

Now I’ve started my second project which deals with developing an investment product that uses Blockchain for backend. 


I haven’t talked to many people here due to the typical corporate hierarchy so no opinion on this. I did talk to other interns which were from other IITs (KGP and Madras) and they were quick to bond with. My mentor is quite friendly but he’s a very busy guy so I don’t get to meet him often 

Final thoughts:

So on the face of it, it might seem like a pretty bad intern. 

Boring office? ✅

Typical corporate hierarchy? ✅

Strict timings? ✅

No laptops allowed? ✅

Frustrating IT policy? ✅

I won’t deny that I regretted for an initial few days about joining this internship. But I started looking away from all the bad sides and focused on good. I realised it was up to me about how much I’ll get out of this intern and hence started working hard in order to make the most out of it rather than lamenting about missing the opportunity later.

I also realised the importance of morning coffee and how to work for 8 hours with just 2 hours of sleep. 

**My advice to everyone would be to make the most out the 2 months regardless of how much you think the internship sucks.** No point in regretting later. 

2 years ago