McKinsey Knowledge Center – Hrushikesh Bodas

Hello there! I am Hrushikesh Bodas, a third-year DD student at the Department of Energy Science and Engineering. I am currently interning in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Center of Competence. (MSC-CoC) at McKinsey Knowledge Center (McKC) albeit in the WFH mode due to COVID situation. 

About Analytics: 

Analytics entails the systematic usage of Data to derive Insights which are used for decision making. The problems can be anything from diagnostics to predictive or prescriptive analytics. Something like “Why are my Stock levels so high?”, followed by “What is the most optimal Inventory target given several planning Inputs?” are some of the questions which can be solved using analytics. 


My second-year internship was at a startup founded by some of our seniors. Post that, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do for my third-year internship: it was either analytics, or software development.At the start of the internship season, I was disheartened as many of the firms don’t allow DD students to apply for the IAF. When the IAF of McKC was announced which was open only to the DD students across all departments, it was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one! 

McKC had opened its IAF on the 6th of August with the interviews on the 24th. Before signing the IAF, I had contacted an alumnus of my department, who was working at McKC, to understand, at a high level, what the Firm does and the role a person in the MSC-CoC team would play. The team solves problems in fields like demand planning, inventory planning, network planning, sales & operations planning etc. to name a few. The end goal is to minimize cost, improve service and maximize capital utilization. 


The selection process was in two parts, an online test based on Verbal and Numerical Reasoning followed by three rounds of interviews, two technical and one HR round. The technical questions were based on Algorithms, Mathematical modelling. The HR round involved questions around my motivation, why McKC, my strengths and weaknesses, and some situational questions. Going through some standard set of HR questions and preparing them in advance helps a lot! The results were declared just as I had reached my room after an almost entire day of interviews. 

The Internship 

Initially, as with everyone else, there was a lot of uncertainty. Everyone had left the institute mid-march with the hopes of returning back in two weeks. Never would I have thought that the two week holiday would eventually lead  to cancellation of the semester. I heard back from the Firm that the internship would be starting in the third week of April in work from home mode. They helped me install remote desktop software (data security policies) as a workaround untill the Firm-provided Laptop arrived. 


I was part of a multinational team working on an inventory diagnostics and optimization tool. It contains features such as Segmentation, demand distribution, simulation and What-if scenario analysis, to name a few. I was assigned a Mentor from the same team to help me get started in the internship. The entire team is very supportive, and the work environment encourages collaboration. We had weekly VCs with the team to stay connected even in a WFH mode. 


The team works on clients from multiple geographies, in a wide range of Industries. Had the internship been at the office, the work might have been more on the client-side, with real data and trends. While that has not been the case, the Firm has ensured that the internship has been a great learning experience for all of the interns. Apart from the knowledge, my takeaway has been growth in the business way of things, analytical skills, and experience in working in a diverse work setting. The internship has also given me insights into how to manage work-life balance. This has been an excellent opportunity to explore Supply Chain Planning!

6 months ago