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The beginning is always a big problem. Let me skip this part for the first couple of posts. I’ll try to have more meaningful starts from then on. I can’t guarantee you that but take my word for it that I’ll try really really hard to make it a good start. 😉

However, the thing with start is, even if I don’t have any start, the next thing automatically becomes the start. Not true unless you’ve given up on it or they are starters in which case the next thing simply does not exist or is the main-course. It seems like I can’t really escape from not writing a start. Though what I can do is start the post randomly, with something that makes no sense at all. Doing this would save me the trouble of thinking too hard for a wonderful start. Similar thing happens with me and title of the posts, though this is a no-brainer. Hello World! Any person slightly familiar with computer language can come up with it. Saves me the trouble. A title requires great deal of thought, much more than the start. A bad title drives potential readers away and a good title at least make them read the blurb. In this case though I hope that neither shortcomings with this post serves as a deterrent.

So, I am CS guy and the “Hello world” phrase is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I’m starting anything new. This is like writing Lord Ganesh’s name before we are about to start a new line of business. I’ve tried blogging once or twice but have always ended up writing only a “Hello world!” post, albeit a different one each one (if that is any consolation). So, if you find a blog with h and m in the address and only a hello world post, you know it’s me. Now, don’t you googlers put such things up in comments to contradict me. There are exceptions to every natural thing. Anyways, I hope to change that with this blog.

I’ve always thought of myself as a non-blogger type of a guy who wants to keep his life private with whatever few stuff he writes and this column is to change all that. I thank InsIghT for giving me the opportunity to write about my internship in Bangalore; the stuff I am doing over here; not revealing details about my project of-course, otherwise Yahoo! Labs might just sue me; I don’t know the laws at all and the government/judiciary assumes that I or the entire country , for that matter, is well versed with them. So coming back to where I was. I don’t write very often and when I do, I don’t want others to find fault with it and that is one of the reasons I don’t want my posts to be public. The internet is already full of such blogs. Like in this post itself, I can sense that you might be feeling bored and that I’m being incoherent and disconnected. The flow is missing.

I don’t know what’ll turn up in the upcoming posts but stay tuned. I’ll try not to bore you all.


Harshit Mittal

10 years ago