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About Me

Hello! My name is Nautatva, and I have recently completed my third year of Civil Engineering.

I had applied for Finmechanics through the PT cell itself and the procedure had been mentioned in the IAF. There is 1 PPT (which I bet you listen to carefully😉), 2 tests – 1 HR and 1 technical, and 2 rounds of interviews. Tests were really basic logic, a little finance and 2 interviews tested your understanding about the proof of concepts. You might think it’s too much, but believe me, these get over before you even realise it. My simple advice would be: be honest with what you know and what you don’t.


It’s 9 in the morning, all of us interns sitting in the cab for BKC, curious, anxious about how the first day at the intern will be. Having had no contact with the company except for the one offer letter the company had sent and an email stating us to come at 10, we had no idea what we’ll be doing, least what the profile would be. Will it be just programming or finance, or be it something else. Talking to the previous interns didn’t help out much as the projects changed every year. Finally reached the company building, the buildings, all made of fancy glass, each taller than other, couldn’t believe this was in Mumbai.

Something unique at Finmechanics

Entering the office, we were asked to sit in the conference room. The company had allotted laptops which were silently sitting there with name labels on them. In Finmechanics, you have a very different work culture. The company basically is based on software development with its core in finance. It automates the tracking of financial instruments for a bank. Everyone’s work involves necessarily everything from meeting the client, meeting their demands, testing and finding out bugs to writing the logic of a software. The idea is that you do not get bored doing a single type of work. Also, you, as an individual, have the complete picture of what is to be done.

A typical day

Day passes by, and it’s lunchtime. We’re supposed to bring our lunch boxes which is a little difficult considering most of us don’t live in Mumbai. As of the first day, we were treated for lunch by the company. Finmechanics is a rather small company, and it doesn’t take in many employees. The only time new people come in are during intern seasons or when graduating students join. There is a concept of squads in which all the people are divided into small groups, ideally of 5-6 people. This squad is not limited by any geography or project. A single squad can have multiple projects at the same time all around the world. For example, my group had two interns, three people from India, one from the Dubai office. The diversity itself makes the group interesting as there is at least one person online at any point in time.

Not just an intern…

My Intern project included three topics – Credit, fixed income, and inflation. The best thing in Finmechanics is that the work you do goes to direct deployment and is used in some way or the other. No project is a side project. The sense of responsibility we get interning here is what makes Finmechanics stand out from the rest

We learned a lot about planning too. The location is quite strategic. As you see around, just peeking outside the window gives you a view of 5 big banks. Thinking the amount of thought put in just deciding the location for a fin-tech company struck us in awe.

There is no fixed time and you can leave whenever you wish to. Regular presentations with the squad help to keep track of the progress we make during the week. Finmechanics is in BKC, and commuting there takes a lot of time. We used to spend almost 2 hours travelling everyday. Cabs are the most convenient and preferred way here. We also joined in by IITD guys, who stayed in insti itself.

Ending notes

It has only been three weeks and a lot has happened during the intern. Taking a pause, I see how much I learned during these days. Presenting the work done, catching up with new people, learning to address practical concepts among other things. I went from being a total novice in finance to being conversant with technical terms in finance. At the end of each day, sitting in a cab, thinking about the things that I learn every day surely gives me a sense of satisfaction and happiness, which will have a lasting impact on me. Looking forward to the next day…

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  1. Looks like that finmechanics skyscraper fully of glass is really situated in mumbai?
    BTW good mentioned every details.

  2. Superb Looks like you enjoyed your internship
    This experience will play a vital role in coming future so enjoy 😉 working and have fun

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