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About Eaton:

Eaton is a US based power management corporation. It is a B2B corporation and conducts business in the industrial and electrical sector. The industrial sector is further divided into hydraulics, vehicle and aerospace groups. A 10 second visit to Wikipedia would reveal its massive turnover and a customer base spread across 175 countries.Eaton India headquarters is situated at the Eon It Park in the Kharadi region of Pune, which is the internship location as well. While Eaton may not have the glamour associated with its internship like the day1 FMCGs; in my opinion, it’s the ideal company to work for if you want to a taste of the corporate culture all the while staying in close proximity to core academia. Ethics and company policies play a very important role at Eaton. In fact, it is one of the top-ranked ethical companies according to Ethisphere. The ‘open-door policy’ is followed to the T here and it really ensures that you are comfortable when discussing with your managers or people higher up the chain. One ‘cool’ thing about Eaton though, would be that it doesn’t force you to put on formals.

Eon It Park, Kharadi. (Googled it, Obviously!)

Getting in:
Eaton is an I1 core company which opens up only for Dual Degree students of Mechanical, Electrical and Energy Engineering. The selection process, after a fairly CPI based shortlist for interview, involves two technical rounds and one HR interview. The technical rounds focus on your projects and usually last for 15-20 mins per round. It would be ideal if you have some knowledge about the practical/ commercial applications of your project. As far as the HR interview is concerned, I did not really prepare for that and hoped that I would fulfill their criteria.

The Internship:

My internship revolves around prediction of Residual Stresses in High Pressure Die Casting. It is a combination of Simulations and Analytical Modelling.I am given a monstrous P.C with 64 gigs of RAM and sadly, it still lags when I run simulations. The schedule is hectic, from 9:00 to 6:30, but the work is engaging enough to keep you busy for that time. In most cases, it is an individual project which gives you the freedom to decide which aspects of the project you want to focus on.
Eaton creates an ideal environment for being productive. You are allowed access to Facebook and YouTube, however, the honeycomb office structure ensures that this doesn’t go unnoticed. In the end, it just prompts you to make productive usage of social media (i.e. LinkedIn- that was as productive as I got). Instead of scrolling through random memes, I spent some of my time reading articles about the 2008 Financial Crisis, the Indian Start-up culture and yes, trying to gather resume-fundaes.
Of course it would be a blunder if I don’t mention the Cafeterias. The food courts cover virtually every cuisine and they are cheap enough to not burn a hole in your pocket. Each cluster has its own food court (4 in total) and each one of them might be twice the size of the H15 mess. Pro tip:If you do end up in Eon somehow, definitely try the Chocolate Paratha served in the Cluster D Cafeteria.

On a more serious note, the one thing you will surely experience as an intern is the importance of theory courses. You will randomly hear people discussing about FEM, fracture, fatigue and all those things which you were supposedly ‘taught’ by the professor of MM207.

The Co-Interns:
This year, Eaton has selected close to 30 interns from all around India from IITs (notably IITM) and local colleges alike (COEP etc.). It is a delight to interact with people from such diverse backgrounds. We meet almost every day for lunch and discuss about issues ranging from academics in IITs to the recent Beef Fest incident in IITM (now, I hope you don’t brand me as anti-national for that!). We enjoy a game of carrom or two post-lunch.The HR team also works tirelessly to ensure that we enjoy our internship while doing our work. It has conducted numerous events over the duration of our internship- a basketball match and a music club session to name a few.

Post-Music Club Session

The climate in Pune is much better than Mumbai- atleast during the summer and early monsoon period. Low humidity levels is the primary reason, I guess. Transport is a problem, but Ola Auto & Share (no, not advertising!) is quite mainstream here because of the overpriced rates charged by Taxis & Autowallas.
However, if you are an amateur trekker, Pune is the place to be. Lonavala is just 1 hour away and connected via the local trains as well. There are numerous treks in and around Pune and Lonavala region- Rajmachi, Torna, Sinhagad to name a few. I have been to Rajmachi and Visapur and thoroughly enjoyed both of those. If you really want to prove your mettle though, there is always the Katraj-to-Sinhagad night trek (K2S) which you can try.

Atop the Rajmachi Fort, Lonavla.

Nothing can be perfect. Eaton is one of the few companies (I1) which has an outstation placement and still doesn’t provide accommodation. You can try to find a good ‘Paying Guest’ apartment, but there is always some tradeoff (stable electricity, good room, or low rent- Pick 2) involved. Since Eaton is a MnC, there are lot of approvals/ paperwork involved for permissions, especially if you are an intern. Sometimes, these might irritate you. Apart from this, the stipend is also a bit less as compared to other I1 Companies. However, one also needs to understand that this is a 2-month affair and the primary goal of an internship to learn and not earn. If you can understand the bigger picture, surely you would grab the opportunity to work at Eaton, as an intern.

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