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Hello there!

About me

I have completed my 3rd year of undergrad of ChE and I am interning at Dr.Reddy’s Labs Ltd. in Hyderabad. I am interested in core ChE and some non-core stuff too. I am utterly satisfied with my intern as it perfectly aligns with those motives. Previously I had undergone training at ONGC during my second year summers, and had no research experience till then. The only preparation I did for any company was to read its Wiki page and finding a Insight summer blog like this one.

The Selection Procedure

The company had come for Internships after the endsemester exams of Autumn semester. The last among all IITs. There was no PPT and the company had shortlisted around 18 students (all from ChE) for their Group Discussion. With the help of my experience from previous GDs, I was able to pass that. In total, 4 students were selected for the Personal + Technical interviews round. They only asked about my previous project and training and finally my motivation for this Intern. In the end, they selected only 2 among the 4.

Company’s Past History

Dr. Reddy’s didn’t offer internships last year and I had wrongly assumed that this was their first time in the institute. The company visits other IITs for Chemical engineering and NITs for mechanical, electrical and instrumentation and control engineering. After reaching here, I came to know that we were a group of 22 interns. 20 (Including me) were posted in Hyderabad units and 2 at the Vizag unit.

My Personal Dilemma- Choosing Between Two interns

After trying my hand at research in the 5th semester only, I liked working on it. This research interest eventually led me to fill the UARE (University of Alberta Research Experience) form seriously. With an average CPI at that point and no fruitful/previous research experience till then, I had to heavily rely upon recommendation from my guiding Prof and a visually attractive cover letter on LaTeX (seriously, I believe that was the only selling point in my application).

The UARE application was completed 20 days prior to Dr. Reddy’s Interview. I thought of my UARE application while signing the Dr. Reddy’s JAF (the only company between the UARE application and UARE result) but I wasn’t ready for the risk of not signing a JAF. The work mentioned was attractive and the company was prominent in its field, I signed it and got accepted.

I heard of my friends getting the acceptance mails back at the start of spring semester. One night, when I checked my spam folder (for no sane reason, I check my spam folder more eagerly than my primary Inbox), I was surprised to see the UARE mail. Only after my initial ecstasy had subsided, I proceeded to ask my knowledgeable wingies the way forward. The next few days were spent on reading the internship policy carefully a few times and analyzing the risk related to Ditching an I1 company for a univ intern opportunity. After talking to several friends, seniors, previous UARE interns I decided to settle for choose Dr. Reddy’s internship and had to write a rejection mail back to UARE fearing it might affect my placements. I believe right now it’s too early to conclude the result of that decision.

The Intern-Work

After the initial orientation and formalities at the main campus, we were allotted our separate work locations. I am posted at the Chemical Technical Operations (CTO-4) plant in Hyderabad. If you didn’t know, nearly all pharmaceutical products are made in a batch mode of production. Quite largely, my work is related to switching from batch mode of production to continuous mode of production. My work requires me to find innovative equipment and processes and finally build a new plant from scratch. You might consider this as a desk job but we have visited nearly all the other Dr. Reddy’s units. I work along with my batchmate, Saumil on the same project. Others interns are given projects varying across the domains of ChE. From implementing a basic material balance to finding a crystal structure of a molecule using simulations, everything of ChE knowledge is to be applied here.

The company structure is what one would expect from a reputable company. All the employees are easy to reach and friendly, my own mentor being an alumni from IITM. Everyone is enthusiastic to help and meetings with the highest authorities are common. The working hours might be considered a bit hectic as it requires me to leave my hotel before anyone else has eaten their breakfast and come back when they are done with their dinner. The weekend trips with the co-interns are the perfect way to get around the exhaustion.

The Intern-Stay

The company provides us cozy rooms and arranges for the transport to our office. All the Interns are on the same floor, having a double-sharing room. The hostel environment is not missed at all and complaints from other residents of hotel is a thing of common occurrence. Although the Dr. Reddy’s campus is pretty far from old Hyderabad, our hotel is situated near the tech giants and around one of the most posh areas of Hyderabad. This gives us ready access to all the fun activities happening around the city.

Hyderabad-Place and Around

For me, the description of Hyderabad is pretty incomplete without the famous Paradise’s Chicken Biryani. So, here you go.

Yes, it was as delicious as everyone had described to me.

Since I was pretty upset from missing out to the tour to Canada, I had decided not miss a single opportunity and made plans on weekdays itself for the respective weekends.

In the first week itself we covered Birla Musuem, Charminar, Paradise’s biryani, Irani Chai, Salar Jung Museum and Charminar. The crowd of Hyderabad was astounding. The following weeks were used to cover places like Ramoji film city, WonderLa and Golconda Fort. Other weeks consisted of nightouts for games of Mafia and the most recent weekend was included a 2am trip to the airport for GoKarting (and later being interrogated by the police, yes IIT ID-card does help in such situations). We were fortunate to taste Haleem in the month of Ramazan too.

Charminar at Sunset.
Our trip to Ramoji Fim City on the last day of its carnival festival.

It didn’t take long to get used to hustling nature of Hyderabad, although the people can surely use a lesson on traffic rules. Overall, Hyderabad is lovely and the people are awesome. We witnessed this in the form of a total stranger returning a wallet full of considerable amount of cash back to Saumil.

Ending Comments

Only half a month remains in my internship but I believe work from now on would easily be more than what I did till now. This internship is fantastic for a ChE student and has a lot to learn from. Time spent here meeting new people would easily trump the work. Looking Back, I never thought I would be writing a Insight Blog for a company like Dr. Reddy’s.

Thanks for this opportunity, Insight!

4 years ago