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Hello All! And Konnichiwa!

I am in Osaka interning at Daikin Industries. And this summer is of course turning to be an amazing one.

About Daikin

Well, Daikin Industries is one of the world leaders in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. Daikin has pioneered many innovations in the field of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, the most notable one of which is the recently accomplished Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) Technology, which controls the Air Conditioning in a room by sensing the number of people in the room and thus saves a lot of power.

How to get in? – Where it all begins….

Just after your mid-semester examinations, in the mid of September, Daikin holds an orientation in IIT Bombay and Delhi announcing it’s internship programme for the following year. The profiles are mostly related to Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science & Engineering, however the IAF is open for almost all branches. One has to submit a Statement of Purpose on the basis of which (and of course, the CPI and the resume), one may or may not be shortlisted for the interviews. The interviews test your motivation, technical skills and if you will be able to live in Japan for the rest of your life. The last point is because Daikin’s main goal is to hire employees from IITs and the internship is just a test for the same. Again, CPI always matters but there is much more to getting selected at Daikin. If you have done some projects in fields related to the internship profile you have applied for, your chance of getting selected definitely increases. Showing interest in Japan and it’s culture may also prove to be a bonus for you in your interviews.

The Job- Fascinating!

First of all, Daikin really cares about it’s interns. The whole internship is well planned and the interns are properly taken care of with fair enough accommodation being provided. There are regular meetings to keep themselves updated of the interns’ progress and they take real interested in the work you do and in the ideas that pop up in your brains. My work is based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). I am expected to simulate the multiphase flow of refrigerant and it’s vapor flowing through the pipes of an Air Conditioner. The simulation model will help Daikin to visualize the flow of the refrigerant and reduce the number of experiments carried out for the same. Before coming to Daikin, I had worked on a part of the Aerodynamics of IIT Bombay Racing’s car (besides designing it’s cooling system) and hence, had a background in CFD. I find the job really interesting and one gets to work directly on the products of Daikin and if done well, there is a possibility of your work being used in the next to-be-launched product by Daikin.

The other work profiles for this year are based on Internet of Things, Machine Learning & Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Designing of Compressors and Product Reliability and Testing.

The Workplace- Cool!

We are six of us out of which, one is posted at Shiga, one at Kanaoka Factory at Osaka and the rest 4 of us at the newly built heavenly office called the Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) at Osaka. Based in the front of Daikin’s main chemical plant and on the banks of the Yodogawa River, TIC is one of the most astounding buildings of technology I have ever seen. From the amazing “Daikin Discovery Hall” to the very sophisticated and high-tech ceilings to the mind-boggling laboratories and the awesome cafeteria, TIC has it all.

At TIC, the thing I love the most is that there is no hierarchy here in terms of the work area you are assigned. The Group Leader, the Technical Leaders of the sub-groups and the engineers, all are assigned just one table and a locker each and all of them sit and work together in a common hall. There are no personal cabins. This helps in better interaction and teamwork and hence, better products.

An awesome piece of creativity at the entrance of the Daikin Discovery Hall, TIC, Osaka
A man can be seen running and the parts of an Air Conditioner following it. It signifies that Daikin’s success depends completely on it’s employees and that they are the most important asset of the company.

Japan and the Japanese- Just Amazing!

Japan is definitely very different from anything you might have ever experienced (except if you have visited Japan already :P). One might have a culture shock in his/her first few days here. But, it all settles down very soon. The biggest problem one faces in Japan is of course, the language. Very few people here can speak or understand English. However, the basic survival Japanese we were taught on the first day here helps a bit but definitely, Google Translate is the ultimate saver. The people here are the most polite, helpful and respectful people on the whole of the planet. They never get tired of bowing down repeatedly as a sign of respect and even though most of them do not know English, they try their best to help you out in any way possible. Most of them may seem very serious-faced but are quite gentle when you talk to them. Moreover, as you might already know, Japan is too safe, too clean and technologically too advanced.

From Tempura to Nabe to Takoyaki to Okonomiyaki, the food here is awesome, for non-vegetarians. If you are a vegetarian, as soon as you crack the internship, open up your laptops and start figuring out loopholes in the baggage rules of the airline carriers and get as much food as you can. Honestly, it is very difficult here to find wholesome ready-made vegetarian food except some salads. Or if you have faith in your cooking skills, vegetables are available in the supermarkets. However, you won’t find any pulses, wheat and some of the Indian vegetables here. Moreover, in a supermarket, with everything printed in Japanese, it is very difficult to figure out which packaged food contains meat and which one doesn’t. I being a hardcore non-vegetarian, Japan feels like a paradise in terms of food.

With chunks of delicious shrimps and beef surrounded by Soba noodles and covered with that mouth-watering topping, Okonomiyaki is delicious

And Japan is beautiful. With historic shrines, majestic mountains, beautiful beaches and thrilling amusement parks spanning the entire country, you are hardly going to spend your weekends in your rooms. Moreover, Daikin gives you a decent stipend which would cover the entire cost of your travel and your food pretty easily.

Well, I can say for sure that till now, Japan and Daikin have been wonderful to me and the internship has been an enriching experience. Hopefully, the last 4 weeks in Japan have something even more exciting in store for me.

For now, Shitsurei Shimasu and Sayonara!

4 years ago

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