Coca Cola – Ritik

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages visited IIT Bombay to offer internship for the first time. The basis of core-engineering knowledge and technical skills were checked during the interview. A single page SOP with one question on supply chain management was asked. On the basis of SOP, few students were selected for Group Discussion round, after which a mixed technical and HR round of interview was conducted. During the interview, they asked me to walk them through my resume and they focused on technical skills. Finally, HCCB selected 2 students including me and we were placed at 2 different plant locations. My plant was at Bengaluru.

The company pampered us a lot during the internship in terms of facilities. HCCB provided reimbursement for the initial 10 days – accommodation and to and fro flight journey.

The corporate office is quite amazing and the ambience will never let you get bored working there. You can have any Coca Cola product for free. I was in a plant at Bangalore working on implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) on the production line.

My mentor was flexible with holidays and work-from-home setting and was quite understanding. But, work was enough to engage us throughout the week, sometimes even invading my Saturdays.

IOT as a line of work was very interesting for me and helped me explore a new horizon. I was encouraged to develop a new product during the internship and my mentor and I went for many presentations over the 2 months. I was asked to investigate production lines and find possible use cases. By now, I have worked on developing 6 use cases. In my work, I was accompanied by a management intern from XLRI, Jamshedpur, who was doing the business calculation for every use case that we found. My mentor helped me and even encouraged me to learn project management skills apart from technical skills. He asked me to create criteria to prioritise the 6 projects and create an activity timeline and that is how I used my IEOR knowledge in practical life, something I never thought I would.

My place of stay and office are like two star crossed destinations, just 26 km close. One day, I was swamped with some task and had to work till very late. Understanding how I had to come again next day morning by travelling 26km, my knight-in-shining-armor mentor booked a company‚Äôs nearby guest house for me. Yep. I’m bragging right now. On a few occasions, the company had assigned a cab from morning till night to meet different vendors who were going to implement my projects on a larger level.

My PG room-mates and I went for a sudden-planned trip to Ooty and Coonoor hill station during one of the weekends. We took an AC sleeper bus to Ooty which is 320km from Bangalore and needs around 8hr to reach there. The best part is you will enjoy the route as it passes through Bandipur (Karnataka) and Mudumalai (Tamilnadu) tiger reserve, so you will see plenty of animals and vegetation. We went to visit many other places within Bangalore like the Bangalore palace and Nehru Planetarium. In my opinion, the best part of the internship was that we were expected to do actual implementation on the production line and we were set free to do things which loaded responsibilities on our shoulders.


2 years ago