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Standing on the balcony of the 23rd floor, looking at the glistening view after rainfall, a thought ran through my mind “Is there a better Internship I could have done”. Still hesitating to accept, I said to myself, “This was perfect.”

Hello Peeps, I am Lovesh Gupta, a third-year undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering. In the next few paragraphs, I am going to sum up my summer experience for the year. So don’t go back to scrolling as you may miss something.

After a rainy day, the sun lightened up the building and our evening too

Selection and Preparation –

Participating in the rat race to get an intern, I won’t say I was preparing very hard to get a CS core intern until I got rejections from a few companies. Then I came across Flexmoney through the Internship portal. Without knowing much about the company, I signed up for it, got shortlisted and selected after an interview round. All this happened in just two days. I was happy with the sole idea of finally getting an intern.

First day at the office – 

After an all-night train journey to Mumbai, I entered the office around lunchtime. The place turned out opposite to what I had in mind. There was music, people were playing games and cheering while others were having lunch. Later I got to know my office was a co-working space and all the people in the office are not from my company. Rise Mumbai has quite a number of Startups running under one roof. My first day mostly went into the introduction to the team, to my work and thinking about how cool the idea of co-working space is. I mean so many teams, each working on a different idea, sitting next to each other, pretty cool huh?

Work and Culture 

Flex money is going forward with the vision to re-invent consumer credit digital service at the point of sale for lenders and merchants. In simple words, they are providing a new online payment checkout option to customers from reputed lenders. I was part of the engineering team developing the backend support. Even though I  was not working on a distinguishable project in my time here, I got to learn a plethora of things, varying from AWS SQS to automated flows to cookies, cache, etc. Special shout out to Sameer and Ashish for bearing with me and answering my really really silly questions. 

 There are other perks of interning in a small company. If you are curious enough you can understand the functioning of all the subdivisions from business to product to engineering. 

There were a few more interns with me in different teams. They used to be the savior, always need someone to talk about random things. One also gets to know people from other companies, from different work profiles. You may get a chance to discuss with them the idea they are pursuing. And the best thing is that it’s the best place to make contacts which will help you in the future.

The office was laced with all the perks of a corporate lifestyle; from playing foosball to pretending not to cry on watching run out of Dhoni on almost a wall-size screen, the place surely gives you chills and memories. There were a few nights when we jammed in the office with the guitar and flute. I will miss those free snacks.  It’s sad to know I’m done. But looking back, I’ve got a lot of great memories.

Around the place – 

One thing I can surely say after these 2 months, IITB students surely don’t know Mumbai. It won’t be wrong to say that we are living in a shadow, at least I can say that about me. Mumbai is much more than a crowd in Mumbai local or selfies at marine drive. I will now remember Mumbai for the best non-veg food at restaurants and the nightlife, more than that for the beautiful rains, which can lead to a view of 50 umbrellas getting out of the bags in less than 5 seconds. Just Amazing

For No reason at all – 

Between my 9 week intern, I took a week off to roam around south India with my whole family. Coming from a dry state(not as much as Gujarat) South surely gives you the best experience of your life. Before getting to the conclusion, let’s together go through the photos.

The memories we make with our family are everything.

Ohh, did I mention I got a chance to interview CEO of Bombay Stock Exchange

(Apurva got a little excited)

Conclusion – 

It’s the last week of the internship, I can surely say this summer has been a great learning experience for me. If someone asks could it have been better, I will say “Maybe”. I gained one thing or two and that’s good enough for me. I hope I will have a clearer answer with my third-year intern. From that, I remember that the Intern season is coming,  I must remind you of the last date for resume submission is 1st August, so don’t forget to decorate that.

Thanks for your time Junta, you have been a great audience. It feels great to share my experience with all of you. For reviews and discussion message me anytime. I don’t know who needs to hear this “Iss sem to pakka phod denge, PAKKA”.

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