WalmartLabs – Ayushraj Mehrotra

Hi! I am Ayushraj from the electrical department and in this ridiculously long blog, you will find: (i) My pre-internship…

7 months ago

IBM – Meghana

Hey there! I’m Meghana, a to-be third-year UG student in the CSE department. My co-interns called me a poindexter, though…

7 months ago

Morgan Stanley : Sakshee Pimpale

Greetings, fellow students!  I’m Sakshee Pimpale, a fellow comrade about to start her fourth year as a Dual Degree student…

7 months ago

Microsoft – Tezan Sahu

Hi guys! I’m Tezan Sahu, a senior undergraduate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, pursuing a Minor in Computer Science…

7 months ago

Silvernox – Shubham Seth

Hey, I am Shubham Seth, a second-year B.Tech. student from the Electrical Engineering department. I am currently pursuing an internship…

8 months ago

Philips – Nimay Gupta

Hey! This is Nimay Gupta, I’m from the CSE department and I’ve recently completed my second year of B. Tech.…

8 months ago
Ark Modi

Ark Modi – Qualcomm

Hi, I’m a thirdie from the Electrical Engineering Department in the Dual Degree program (Microelectronics) and this is a story…

8 months ago

Adobe – Anshul Nasery

Staring into my laptop at the makeshift workspace I have salvaged at home; this was definitely not how I had…

8 months ago

Sysmex – Sanjay Khatri

Hi! My name is Sanjay Khatri. I am in my third year, pursuing Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering. Selection Procedure:…

2 years ago

Murata – Divyadarshee Das

Internship portal is highly important during the 5th and 6th semesters. Starting from day one I had signed all the…

2 years ago

Airbus – Sakshi Dayal

Ever heard of dreams coming true? Well, it was one such for me. I applied for an internship at Airbus,…

2 years ago

Piramal – Ankit Neema

About me Hello everyone! I am Ankit and I have just completed my 3rd year of chemical engineering. I am…

2 years ago
TI India, Bangalore

Texas Instruments – Virul Katla

Hello everyone! I am interning at Texas Instruments (TI) India. TI was the first global technological company to establish R&D…

3 years ago
Intern at Boing - Karthik Mahesh

Boeing – Karthik Mahesh

“If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going!”. That old phrase among aviation geeks could also pretty much sum up my…

3 years ago
TIFR : The Main Building

TIFR – Sukanya Kudva

Amidst a raucous crowd of an overwhelmingly packed compartment of a local train, I can’t help marvelling at how I…

3 years ago
Ford: Manufacturing Process

Ford – Devansh Sharma

I was very lucky and yet unlucky when I got my internship at Ford. Lucky because I had got it…

3 years ago
Virginia Tech Workplace

Virginia Tech – Nikhil Bapat

I feel glad to share my experience as a visiting Research Summer Intern at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,…

3 years ago