Agami Engineering – Kaustubh Talele

Pre Intern

My decision to pursue a career in core field was finalized before my admission to IITB, which was the reason for choosing Civil Engineering (in the limited options that I had). I had heard about Agami Engineering from my seniors and like most of the students, I applied for this company through the placement cell. The internship description matched my interest. The first round of the selection process involved a technical test which covered various topics related to structural mechanics. After this, four students who qualifies along with me were to appear for a personal interview. As usual personal interviews go I prepared for the typical monotonous questions like ‘tell me about yourself’ and ‘your strengths and weaknesses’. Thankfully none of that was asked. The interview started off with some technical questions and then gradually it turned into a discussion. The results were announced the same day and I was set to begin a new journey in life.

During intern

After the long and exhausting hour-long travel by BEST bus 492, I enter into the posh area of Hiranandani estate, Thane and refresh my mind with a hot cup of macchiato in the co-working space managed by WeWork. At work, I see the application of the concepts taught in core courses to actual structures. The first week involved a bit boring but necessary browsing through several Indian Standard Codes which were going to be used during the two months of internship, and then began the interesting work. Mainly, my work includes designing and optimizing beam and slab schedules of buildings. Along with this, I am also tasked with an R&D assignment on mechanically stabilized earth.

There are several perks of working in the WeWork office, like free food and drinks (non-alcoholic of course) on fixed days. The people we work with is also an important aspect of a job or internship. My colleagues are quite friendly and helpful and my supervisor is an IITB alumnus so we get along well together. With nine hours of working and some time in traveling, my whole day goes by, rather gets used and gives me immense satisfaction as I keep busy doing something productive.

To secure an internship in any core field, some previous exposure is necessary. Projects, research and internships hold more weightage than PORs. Experience in relevant software is an added advantage. All these factors are visible in your resume, but that’s not the only basis of selection. Technical test is the round where you have to beat the competition which is possible if your concepts are clear. Lastly in the interview, on the spot thinking, confidence, attitude and spoken English matters. All the best friends!

2 years ago