Adobe – Ritwick Chaudhary

I knew about ‘The Adobe Internship’ from my first year. In one of those sorta regular fundae sessions, I’d heard from Seniors about interns working on cutting edge projects and getting patents during their internships. That was an awe-inspiring moment for me and from then, secretly, I wished I’d get the chance to work here sometime in the future. Now, here I am and it has been a wonderful (to be taken with a pinch of salt, of course) experience working at Adobe Inc.

Honestly, getting selected for the internship was a pleasant surprise for me as they chose me without any interview. There was a test involving some logic and CS based (primarily about data structures) questions (in which I think I fared quite well) . Later, after I joined the company, I realised this is how they recruit research interns from all over the IITs (Only the old ones though) :- They consider a combination of CPI and test score and make an offer directly to some while taking interviews for a few others.

When I landed at Bangaluru, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful weather immediately followed by the not-so-beautiful traffic. The drive from the airport makes you think that you probably landed at some other airport. The first day was a pleasant one given the weather, the crowd and great multi-cuisine food.

The internship has been excellent until now! The workplace is a nice-looking 10 storeyed building with the Research Lab located on the top floor. On the very first day, we were addressed by one of the VPs and he was a very cool guy talking about IIT Madras and the scintillating research done by some crazy profs there. The exhilarating orientation was followed by the first phase being getting our employee access cards (which everyone was eagerly waiting for).
They have a pretty good work culture, with the best thing being that you have to (almost autonomously) decide what you want to work on. There is a 3 week initial brainstorming phase in which you think of a lot of ideas and a proper mechanism to choose a suitable problem statement, followed by the problem defense. Nonetheless, I’d like to point out and my colleagues will agree that a lot depends on who you are assigned as a mentor. It was apparent that some mentors were much more involved than others. This lab is very data oriented and people usually find themselves working on data-driven methods. Adding to that, it isn’t very hard to get a patent from Adobe and one only needs to push himself a bit harder to co-author a research paper. Overall, it’s a rich research experience.I would say that is a place for people who think big and think new; for people who aren’t that fond of conventional development based work.

One of the best things about Adobe is the amazing in-house tech these guys use, especially the conference services and rooms. The building also other has great facilities, right from table soccer, TT, Pool and a small gym to their very own rock-climbing wall!
At the top floor, all interns are IITians and so are most of the mentors. This almost makes it a college like experience :- everyone in casuals, people playing board games, mentors and mentees going together for a futsal match on a nearby turf, and I can go on but the gist of it is, having a lot of fun. There are some really entertaining events too that involve everyone :- friends quiz, volley tourneys and foosball championships to name a few.

And on thoughts-for-food, Adobe has a sumptuous buffet for both lunch and dinner, free for employees and a pantry on every floor where you can always find nice food, soda and good CCD coffee. Another thing which will surprise you is that almost all interns go to the office on Sundays because they have this cunning way to lure people – Order all you want (the upper cap is high enough) on Sundays !

The initial 2 weeks stay was at a decent five star hotel. And after moving out of the hotel, It was easy to find a place to stay :- be it OYO rooms or a flat and a good PG was in the vicinity of the office.

Coming to Bangalore, it’s an amazing place with Koramangala and Indiranagar serving as the best places (though travelling is a big pain). The weather is very pleasant and it almost rains everyday for a short while. People visit loads of good places like Coorg, Nandi hills, some even Pondicherry. While I am yet to explore many of them, there are numerous place one wishes to visit while being here and it’s even possible to hit up a road trip to Kerala :D.

On the whole, it has been a dazzling experience both in terms of the work and the culture and I would love to join Adobe in the future too. I think I will leave this place with a heavy heart and I already feel a big connect to this place.

4 years ago