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Hi! My name is Sanjay Khatri. I am in my third year, pursuing Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Selection Procedure: In the beginning of my third year, realisation struck me that most non-core companies prefer B.Tech students over the DDs for internships. On the other hand, I’d found that core Japanese companies are more inclined towards hiring Dual Degree students as interns. Being a part of them, there is this added incentive to visit Japan. I signed the IAF of the established company, Sysmex corporation, which is engaged in healthcare business (Medical electronics to be specific)

There were two rounds of interview. The first one was online and the second one was organised in person with associates from Sysmex Corp. The second interview involved a presentation about oneself.

After the long wait for the summer break finally came to an end, it was time for a completely new experience in a country with stark cultural differences. For me, this was the first time I was travelling abroad. After joining here, it hit me hard that knowing Japanese is such a plus point, be it communicating with your colleagues/locals or seeking help being stuck in the middle of a jungle. Language could at times be a big barrier, but at the same time people here are humble enough that you won’t face issues.

Japan is expensive, which is compensated by its quality of life. In populous cities, you’ll find convenient stores within every 400-500 metres and yes, alcohol is cheap and available in all these convenient stores.

One of the best things about working at Sysmex is that the dormitories are quite big, have easy accessibility to market as well as the railway station. Also, they provide portable wifi hotspot with unlimited internet access for the entire duration. 

There are two Indian restaurants in the vicinity and the food here is amazing. A word for vegetarians: It is very difficult to find pure veg food here. One might end up having just snacks for their meal. 

Work Experience: Here at Sysmex corporation, we deal with the implementation of electronics in Medical devices. The work that I was allocated was fairly related to the courses that I have done and can be put under core engineering. The offices are huge and the working hours are flexible. Sysmex aims towards globalisation, hence you’ll find people from different countries and backgrounds. The environment here is great as you get to interact with a lot of people and you’ll get plenty of opportunities where you can participate in intra- and inter-department discussions.

Travelling: Since Kobe is near Osaka, I travelled to the nightlife capital of the country. Talking of other places one should visit in Japan, here is a list:

● Tokyo, the capital: A few gardens and skytree during the day time, Shibuya and Shinjuku during the night time. Golden Gai is another recommended place to interact with people from around the world.

● Travel to at least one of Universal Studios or Disney Land or Disney Sea

● Visit Kyoto to get a true taste of the cultural of Japan

● Cycling on the 7 islands near Hiroshima

● White Beaches and the beaches around Biwa lake

● A hike to Mt. Fuji and a day at Fuji-Q Highland Amusement park

● Lastly, there is always an option to discover and visit the less populous places within

the country.

Japan is a peaceful country and there are many unique experiences everywhere for people like me. You’ll find the locals here extremely hospitable. Working at Sysmex is a great experience, and it has a good record in terms of PPOs as well. The work is interesting and everyone in the company is very supportive towards achieving the final goal. It is definitely recommended to explore the possibility of working at Sysmex and living in a country like Japan.

2 years ago

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