Rubrik – Aman Bansal

Basic Overview :

Rubrik is a backup and data management company. It is a young company, just over 5 and a half years old. The main reason behind Rubrik being in the limelight is its rapid growth over these years. In such a short time, Rubrik has crossed the $1 billion valuation mark. The Indian office was opened just 3 years back and is growing really fast wrt both the number of employees and the number of projects being undertaken.


Rubrik came through the regular internship process on the first day. When I was preparing for the internship I didn’t have much idea about Rubrik. I had heard about it from seniors and friends but I didn’t have a clear picture of the kind of work they have to offer. So at the time the JAF opened, I had a very vague idea about the company. The JAF also wasn’t very descriptive. It just mentioned about who started the company and where it stands today and what do they expect from an intern but it didn’t mention anything about work. I still signed it due to the following reasons. 

  1. Core CS Company: I wasn’t interested in the finance side so companies like Goldman Sachs or Tower Research didn’t appeal a lot to me. I really wanted a core CS intern which is exactly what Rubrik was offering.
  2. Startup feel: Though the company has grown very fast it is still in its early years and I was expecting that the culture at Rubrik would be very different as compared to big companies like Google, Tower Research, etc.
  3. Good Reviews: Obviously I contacted my seniors and discussed with my friends about reviews of each company and I got quite good reviews of Rubrik.
  4. Development work: Since I did a university intern last year I wasn’t looking for a position in an R&D team of a company. Companies such as Samsung Kores had an R&D work profile and I wasn’t inclined towards that.
  5. Financial perks: The stipend offered by Rubrik was 1 lakh per month + to and fro flights + 2 months accommodation which is quite good and as far as I remember only Tower Research’s perks exceeded this.

The selection process of most companies including Rubrik follows the same format. There was an on-campus screening test of around one hour which tests your coding skills. There are generally 2-3 questions involving Data Structures and Algorithms. In case of Rubrik, there were three questions out of which the first one was easy and which almost everyone got, while the third one was quite hard and nobody could code up a solution to that problem (apart from brute-force). It was the second question which made the difference. 8 students solved the second problem and were selected for the interviews. There were three one-to-one technical rounds and no HR round in the interview. Two rounds involved DSA questions only and in one of them, we were made to write code in their laptop. In the third interview, we were asked questions from our projects written in the resume such as how would you extend it to add this feature, etc.

As you can see that the major focus is on solving DSA problems and coding them up. This is common for most of the CS companies. So the best way to prepare is to focus on your problem solving and coding skills. Rubrik’s interview didn’t include an HR round so I didn’t have to prepare for that which was a huge relief.

Regarding the offer, the interviewers took their call regarding whether to give a US or India offers. If you specifically want a US intern then you can convey the same to the interviewers. They would take your choice into consideration. Though I should mention that after coming here I really don’t find any difference in the work quality. Rubrik India is not really like a secondary center where the work quality is significantly low as compared to the HQ.  The India center owns full ownership of the part of the product which is developed here. So don’t fight for US offer thinking that you will get better quality work there.

During Intern

The first day at the internship consisted of mainly orientations, in which we were explained about Rubrik, what the company does, the product details, where is the company today, etc. We were given a Rubrik backpack, a laptop for work purposes, a water bottle, a diary, and a pen. We were informed about which team we would be working on and were introduced to the manager who manages the team and a mentor to approach in case of any difficulty we would be facing. The rest of the week mostly went in watching introductory videos about the basic structure of the code and how everything is organized, orientations and setting up the codebase in the laptops. Setting up the codebase was slightly frustrating but it was just a one time work and once everything was ready to go (which took a whole week) we were explained what the projects that we would be working on were. Each intern got a different project to work on.

My views regarding work life:

  1. Project: It is the main focus of the internship. It is going to decide whether you would like to stay here or not. You can enjoy the city and travel on the weekend but if your projects are something you don’t like to work on, then you won’t feel satisfied with the internship. And I must say that during the whole two months of the internship I really liked my project. The best thing was that the feature I worked on will be included in the next big product release of Rubrik. Knowing that what you are doing is going to be part of the next release makes the project even more exciting. This was the same for all the interns. We all were given projects which were really important for the company, and this is kind of rare, given that we were there for just two months.
  2. Peers: Here you are working with a group of brilliant people who are more than eager to help you. In case of any problems you are facing, you can contact anyone you want and they will try their best to help you. Everyone here is very supportive, and not only those who are here at the India center, but also the people from the Palo Alto center. Sometimes during your project, you might need help from a team which is not here in India, in which case you might have to discuss with someone from the team over Slack or set up an early morning or late-night meeting. This is bound to slow you down considering the time zone difference but everyone replies when they find the time and try to help you in the best way.
  3. Office: We have recently shifted to a new office which is bigger and better. You are given a 20-22 inch screen, a keyboard, and a mouse to work. The desk and chair are height adjustable so you can arrange them according to your convenience and a lot of other facilities. The working hours are flexible and the focus is on whether you deliver or not, and not on whether you worked sufficient hours or not.
  4. Transparency: This is I think a distinguishing factor with Rubrik. Rubrik follows a transparency policy where you are allowed to attend any meetings, including the board meetings.

Personal life:

  1. Local Travel: Rubrik provides cab for to and fro travel from your place of stay to Rubrik.
  2. Food: You can have breakfast, lunch, snacks and even dinner if you have to stay late in the office. There are decent places to dine in the surrounding of the accommodation including both South Indian and North Indian food so food is not an issue.
  3. Accommodation: This is one thing I didn’t like at all. The accommodation provided was good in terms of the room but was very bad in terms of facilities and services. The WiFi was more or less useless and you have to use your mobile data. But overall it’s fine.
  4. City: I didn’t like the city of Bangalore much when compared to Mumbai. This city has the worst traffic and during peak times it takes more than half an hour to cover just 4 km. Furthermore, there are not many places to visit here and going to someplace which is slightly far takes too much time. The local language is Kannada but almost everyone understands basic Hindi/English so that doesn’t create a lot of problems. 
  5. Travel : There are good places to travel on weekends. You can go to Wonderla (an amusement park which is very good), visit Mysore or hill stations like Nandi hills.

Overall I really liked my internship w.r.t. my project, not so much w.r.t. the city, but that’s something you have to live with. I have one week of my internship remaining and most of it is going to go in internship presentations and stuff. We also have a hackathon coming up where we will be forming a team and come up with ideas about anything related to Rubrik and we get one whole to complete it. Really looking forward to it. Bye!

1 year ago