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Getting into Vodafone Discover Summer Program
Vodafone was the first firm of its type that allowed EP dual degree students to apply. Getting shortlisted and converting it in the first try was definitely an amazing feeling for me. Vodafone conducts a fair standard selection procedure starting with a group discussion to test your creativity and communication skills (for me it was on using given words & phrase & what creative I can make out from them) & then final interview with 3 panel members. The interview checks on your people skills, analytical skills & personals. (Tip: Prepare your resume well, they asked me to recite a poem that I wrote since I had mentioned something on that line in my resume.)
Vodafone’s Discover Summer Program is an intensive training and development program that identifies, retains and develops high-quality talent from leading Indian educational institutes, in order to groom them for leadership roles across Vodafone’s operations. It’s a perfect Launchpad for those who want to join and climb the corporate ladder.

Awesome beginning: Induction at Palladium Hotel, Mumbai
The internship started on a high note with a 2 day induction event at Palladium Hotel. From having our photo shoot for corporate profile to getting exposure to the telecom industry was hectic yet fun. We were lavishly provided for in those two days in term of accommodation. There were a total of 21 interns taken from different IITs and the camaraderie during those two days was amazing. Though the best part still remains receiving Vodafone goodies, our name plates & the water-cooler talks.

How’s work like
After meeting with previous Vodafone interns, I thought I would be allotted some work in excel like them. But unlike them my work turned out to be very different than expected. I was assigned to conduct assessment of application portability & suggesting roadmap for server transformation. It was a live project in which I interacted with around 15 managers of my office about their work and their department, prepared a detailed report on the functioning of the telecom industry & finally did assessment on previously done transformations. Throughout the process I had great guidance, many friendly faces and no pressure of deadline, which brought out the best in me and help me achieve what was asked for. I would like to go on and say that there is no better platform than Vodafone to learn & explore telecom industry.
Vodafone’s Discover summer platform is very well structured program, providing us with what are the project aims and expectations, people to contact and steps of caring out our project work in induction itself. It even takes feedback from interns in between the stint via video conference of all 21 interns together. It is a very well planned, great internship program from start to end for any third year undergraduate student.

Office Culture
There are no strict office timings as such, but generally 9am to 6pm will do. It’s an office with many cubicles, great coffee machines & canteen. I sat along with the HR department, which was a great place as I got to interact with a lot of people there. Overall, people are very workaholic here, with great amount of knowledge in what they do, and they actually prove their slogan “happy to help you”, as I met most friendly people here. It’s an amazing place to work.

Perks of intern
Well, apart from the tangible benefits such as luxurious induction accommodation, goodies, travel reimbursements & remuneration, this internship gave me lots of memories that I’ll be taking with me. It gave me an incredible opportunity to interact with some of the stalwarts of the industry as well as work with some of the most knowledgeable and hardworking people in this firm. It most importantly gave me a benchmark to compare my next endeavors in life and I am sure they will have a lot of ground to cover.

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