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I applied to a lot of places, both by the placement cell and by apping. Got selected for a few interviews in Honda, Sony etc in Japan but didn’t clear. Then IAF of University of Bristol came, which had a position of a research intern in Experimental Particle Physics and was sufficiently funded. I thought I should go for it as I had a decent CPI and CV. I had the required computational and algorithmic skills to do the job and would enjoy doing it.

And there it was ! I got a call from the IC who was in charge of this IAF, turns out I got selected this time without even an interview. I was the 1st choice. I was overjoyed.
I worked very hard for it and it was a reality now. Truly a dream come true !


After all the visa process and everything finalized I went to the UK this summer (2016). I went to Bristol where I worked with my guide for 2 months. He is a really enthusiastic and inspirational personality and it was an absolute joy to work alongside him. I did computational data analysis and looked at Color Flow in Jets in the LHCb experiment and compared experimental results and simulations in order to draw out some conclusions. There were no strict hours to work, I could carry the work at my own pace, but I always went to work at 9:30 am and left at around 5 pm. I worked hard and at last I think my guide was happy with my work and offered for a PhD at Bristol if I apply. All in all, I think I kind of got the sense of how research is actually carried out in this area, how a research environment is and how going to this semi-office everyday is like. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Also, I had a lot of fun. I went to London for 5 days before joining. Explored it to the fullest. After my internship was over I went to Edinburgh in Scotland for 4 days. I saw a lot of cities and beautiful places, had amazing experiences, met other travellers and heard their tales, made really nice friends and had a glimpse of the real big world out there which has amazing opportunities if you are willing to take them!!!!

Cheers !!!

Nishchay Suri
II Year M.Sc. Physics

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