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Nitish Sontakke is a 3rd year Undergraduate pursuing a B.Tech in Aerospace

Being a dual degree student is hard and particularly during the Internship season. It’s as if you are radioactive to most of the good companies that offer Interns. After an internship season that lasted for almost five months, I finally got the chance to update ‘the’ customary internship status. And my, it was really worth the wait.

About Sysmex

Sysmex is one of the leading medical device manufacturing company based in Kobe, Japan. It’s a company which has it’s business in more than 150 countries across the globe. It’s main business is in the fields of Hematology, Coagulation etc.
Unlike many traditional Japanese companies, Sysmex is treading on a path of rapid globalization. One can see employees from Europeans, Americans and Asians all working under one roof at Sysmex.


The Selection Procedure

Sysmex has been hiring interns from IITs since the past two years. It offered internship for two profiles, namely Technical R&D and Business Planning. There was a short listing based on the resume followed by two rounds of HR interviews. The interview was mostly to test basic aptitude and interest. They asked me the reason I wanted to work in Japan and in Bio Medical device field.

I was shortlisted for the R&D profile but I was asked if I was willing to consider the Business planning profile to which I replied in the affirmative.


About the Internship

Japan welcomed me with a bright sun and great weather. It was the spring season here and the weather was quite comfortable.

Talking about my work, we had several orientations and facility tours in the first week of the internship. Since a large amount of work at Sysmex is still done in Japanese, we were given 30 hours of intensive Japanese Classes at the start of our Internship. After these classes, we were given our projects. We were given a detailed day by day schedule for our Internship which is followed pretty thoroughly. I am supposed to be working in three different departments here at Sysmex and I am supposed to present a business plan for the launch of Sysmex Hematology Product in India at the end of my Internship. Everyday, I am taught some aspects of the Sysmex business in the morning followed by self work in the afternoon. This process is actually quite effective as I am able to clear the doubts regarding my project on a daily basis.
The workload is not that much and I do get a lot of free time during my office hours to chill out and talk to people.


Japanese Work Culture

The most interesting thing about working in Sysmex is getting to know about the Japanese work culture. Japanese people are quite helpful and fun-loving. The team work and the discipline in Sysmex is worth appreciating. Like most Japanese companies, Sysmex has an open office system wherein there are no cabins or cubicles. They believe this enables quick decision making.

Travelling in Japan

The biggest thrill while travelling in Japan is the fact that very few people understand English. This makes the travel challenging as well as adventurous to some extent. Till you reach your destination, you are never certain if you are on the right path.
Japan is one of the few places where you can actually see the past as well as the future converging. One can see castles and shrines surrounded by tall skyscrapers. Being a history fan, it is great exploring Japanese culture and tradition. The cuisine here is quite awesome(if you are non vegetarian). I make it a point to try out the famous cuisines of the various places I visit.


Most of Japan is very well connected with the railway system which offers a very convenient way to travel. You can get cheap accommodation for overnight halts.

I am eagerly looking forward to the last month of my stay here. For someone who is going out of India for the first time, it has been a great experience so far. I hope the second part be even more exciting than the first.

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