Forbes Marshall: Siddharth Babbar

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Brief Intro
After 2 years of non-core enthu and lots of cult activities, I finally decided to go in for something in core. Being in Energy Sc, a core intern usually meant a univ intern or in some enrgy start up. I somehow landed into an energy corporate and did something very non-core in a core company, a perfect blend of what I wanted.

Getting there
After many unsuccessful attempts, I had almost given up on PT cell to get me an internship. I had started pulling threads in other places and had almost succeeded in getting my hands on a non-core e-commerce biggie. But, as mentioned above, I wanted a core profile. I had even started forcing energy and sustainability related stuff onto my profile at this biggie who wasn’t ready to even pay me subsistence. Just when I had given up, I got an interview call from a core startup in Dubai, making me super excited (there were 2 positions and 3 were shortlisted). After a week of delaying the results and waiting for the next round interview call, I was informed that I had been short listed for Forbes Marshall. Now, we have a complete lab named Forbes Marshall lab in Energy dept, so you can imagine that this is a big core company for us. Torn between a good-looking core company in Pune and a Dubai based start-up, I appeared for the 2 interviews. The Dubai guys informed me that they are no longer hiring interns as the crude oil prices have fallen there (Yes! they did say that!) and this was my last chance. The interview went well where they asked me mainly about the projects on my resume and voila! I got selected

The work
The name of my project was really long, being “Need finding and validation to identify
critical parameters in process industries.” In layman’s language, Forbes Marshall had made a web based and Android app for all utility management, called everSENSE. Basically it was what one would call an energy management system or EMS. My job was to design new features to be added to this app.

The experience
For the first week I was made to study few basics about plant operations, steam use and the process of “Need Finding” and was explained about the project. Next few weeks I had visits to many factories (including Pizza Hut cheese, beer, cigarettes, Coke and Ferrero Rocher chocolates). I had to interview people at the factories, visit the boiler areas and in few cases the shop floor. This was the most fun part of the intern. Coming back to the office, I had to assimilate the data collected during the trips, design parameters to solve their issues and give explain how my parameter works. In the end weeks, I was mostly working on implementation of ISO 50001 and data analysis with practical machine learning. What that basically means is I taught the computer how to forecast energy consumptions from past data. This was done in R programming language, so yeah I learnt that too. I did an online course on coursera right inside the office and that used to be the most lukkha time of the intern.

Free Food, Travel and Booze
Yes you read it right… FREE BOOZE. Well, a large part of my intern was roaming around with my mentor in A/C cars going to MIDC areas in west Maharashtra. This was accompanied by sponsored lunches in big hotels and my mentor offered to take me to a pub once too. Rest of the time, I had lunch at the office canteen and Breakfast and Dinner at the PG where I was staying.

The city
First things first, the office was NOT in Pune but in a township next to Pune called Pimpri-Chinchwad. Finding a place to live here was close to hell. I ended up staying 8km away from the office at a PG which was much like a hostel with 2 flats on every floor (each with 3 rooms and 8 tenants) and 4 such floors. The rent included stay, breakfast and dinner on weekdays and all 3 meals on weekends. The place had regular cleaning and a washing machine to wash your clothes and some company from other IITs and other places. Travelling here was a nightmare though. First day when I landed, the auto guy charged me Rs.100 for a 2km distance! First trip to office was a Rs. 250 affair. Slowly I understood the ways of the city, the concept of shared autos and the infrequent bus service with varying routes. The transportation here is in shambles, suggest a rented 2 wheeler for any one interning nearby. In other ways, the city was good. Met a few old friends, visited a local water park, which was full Paisa vasool and almost went on a trip to Lonavla too. Being close to Mumbai, spent many weekends on campus or back home in Andheri.

The finale
The internship culminated in a week of making ppts and work reports and explaining people what I had achieved in the past 2 months. With just 1 trip this week, it was easily the most boring week. The overall experience was good, with trips to so many good places. Did not receive a penny yet, but the people there did look pleased with the work. Their HR department is not the most efficient but I did like the people I worked with. Guess it was a good place for a suddenly core enthu guy like me 😛

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