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An experience to work in a company that ranks 2nd , following Google, in the list of the best companies to work in India is something that everyone would want at least once in their life. I consider myself lucky to have it! The intern has changed me and my way of thinking a lot. I have learnt a lot of things from it and I have met some of the most amazing people during the internship period. So here are my two months at a glance:

Selection Procedure

It was the second time American Express came for recruiting interns at IIT Bombay. Last year, only 9 pointers were selected as interns, but this year they gave a chance to 8 pointers too. They generally want students who have a maths or CS background and are interested in problem solving or those students who have interest in pursuing a career in finance.

Transport and Accommodation

We were a total of 19 interns from 5 IITs , 4 of us were from IITB. They had given an accommodation at Silver Oaks Guest House for the first week. This period was quite exciting and we got to know each other well. Later we had to get accommodation on our own. We stayed in oyo rooms for the rest of the time. Transport cabs were provided by the company throughout the intern. They used to reach an hour before time and we were notified when they reached near our place.

Welcome at Amex!

All of us were given welcome kits which had a T-shirt, an exercise band, a sticker box and a notebook. The office building was amazing. There was a biometric to go from one room to the other. There was a Costa coffee store and a huge cafeteria on the second floor. There was an automatic massage chair, a lake house with a boat-shaped structure, crossroads with a bike-shaped structure and an auto-shaped cabin for chilling out and discussions on the third floor. This is where we used to chill out on second floor:


The orientation explained about the company and its policy of ‘Respect to employees’ Later we were split into teams according to our project. There weren’t any cabins, everyone used to work in an open environment. This is how the workplace looked like:


Project and Learning

My project was a unique one and required some brainstorming activity. It wasn’t like a usual IIT problem which can be solved in 2-3 days. It was a real life problem. Luckily I found a great mentor who has been my best friend throughout the intern. I have learnt a lot of things from him, about the project and outside the project. We also got to know some basic programming tools like SAS, SQL and some machine learning applications. The work life was really chill. Half of the time was spent in interaction with the team members. Interaction was related to the project, the company, the experiences, famous places in the world, sports and lots of other things. I was lucky to be in a team in which I have enjoyed 1 or 2 parties each week. At the same time, I used to focus on my work well and ensure that my progress is well on time. We had inter team interactions too which helped us get a broader view of the company. We were also given a chance to attend the high level meetings which shows that the company respects its interns as much as it respects its employees.



Gurgaon is a city of malls and pubs where we used to go whenever generally in weekends. The heat was scorching and the temperature was around 40-48 degrees. So we used to avoid roaming out in the open. We have been in ACs for most of the time, so luckily the heat wasn’t a big problem. I did ice skating for the first time and it was a nice experience. We also went to Delhi and visited Qutub minar, Lotus temple, India gate, Connaught Place and National Gallery. We also enjoyed playing mafia whole night on weekends.

To summarize, it was a wonderful experience at Amex. I have gained a lot from this internship and now have a better idea about how corporate life is. I have also made a lot of friends who can guide me very well whenever I am in any dilemma. I am thankful to the Placement cell team and American express company for providing me with such a valuable experience.

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  1. Hey! Nihar I hope u remember me, I m yr dadi s friend.I read about what u hv written,it feels amazing. Great going ,God bless u with all his love n care.All the best for today n many more years to come.Yr future is bright. Best of luck for every thing.

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